domestic abuse

Concern Over My Daughter, and Now Ex’s Safety

My ex was charged with domestic violence in March and has since married a guy she barely knew.  After I found out he had access to my daughter on several occasions I ran a background check and what I found was extremely alarming not only for my daughter’s safety, but my ex’s safety as well. Continue reading

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Flying With Autism and Sensory Issues

Flying is a very overwhelming experience.  Last night I flew from Chicago O’hare Airport to Los Angeles International Airport.  The flight was delayed an hour and a half making for a very unpleasant experience waiting in the packed terminal.  However I made some choices when booking my ticket that helped with the sensory issues of flying.   Continue reading

2015 social security cola

Social Security COLA Increase Announced for 2015

The Cost of Living Adjustment (also known as COLA Increase) for 2015 has been announced and published in the federal register.   The increase is paid out to all Social Security Beneficiaries including those on SSI, SSDI (Social Security Disability), RSDI (Social Security Retirement) and DAC (Social Security Disabled Adult Child).   Continue reading

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