Real World Advocacy – What I’m Doing

Most of my advocacy used to be online, but that has been going to the wayside as of late do to some local real world advocacy I’m putting forth.  Seeing as I’m often being accused of doing nothing now that I’m quiet online I think its time I bring both worlds together.  As I discussed yesterday real world abuse and neglect of the disabled hit me in the face recently, and I had to deal with it.  I got connected with a lot of the local advocacy groups and resources and and helped support someone face off with an abusive threatening evil guardian.

After things began to settle down I was asked by Community Advocates, The Arc Chapter of Kalamazoo, MI to  speak at their annual inclusion conference on social media and disability.  I’ve also been being more proactive about protecting others rights.  If I see something that violates another’s rights, I say something usually directly to that person.  If I have to I bring in appropriate investigative authorities – and have done so numerous times with the types of people who frankly don’t care about rights violations.

My Bio as a speaker at the inclusion conference.

Another new thing is I have started attending the Kalamazoo Regional Interagency Consumer Committee and am the chair elect for the 2012 year.   At one of the meetings I inquired with the local public transit authority on why they were charging those with disabilities over half price of normal riders in violation of the Urban Area Formula Program grant they receive.  This has resulted in people with disabilities being able to get around for a much more accessible price here locally.  I’ve also met with Fred Upton’s office on Medicaid cuts.

So the next person that says I do nothing for disability advocacy, or calls me a little boy because I point out their violating someones rights should understand that just because my advocacy is not visible online because I’ve been busy offline does not mean I’m doing nothing.