Super Urgent? Use People with Autism, Then Belittle Them

For the past few days I’ve been very irked.  A upcoming country music singer has been using Autism and people with Autism to try and propel her to the mainstream music world.  She created a song that frankly I never listened to (because she irritated me so much) that others have said sounds pretty horrible.  Than she proceeded to flood every facebook group having to do with Autism even those active in persecuting against people with Autism the URL to the YouTube video and asking people to give local radio stations a call asking them to play her song.  Frankly having enough of seeing her post her song 20 times a day I told her if it continued I would report it to facebook as spam.  Others were getting irritated at is as well on the WrongPlanet Autism Support Facebook Page.

People started asking questions.  She claimed she was going to be donating all proceeds to a charity for Autism, people asked what charity.  No Answers.  Her employment history was found to be a lie when she claimed she worked for Autism advocacy groups in Canada.  But it the marketing scam taking advantage of people with Autism is detailed over at Midnight in Chicago.  I however wanted to share the message that was sent to someone else and then show the message that was sent to me.

A message to an unnamed well known autistic person quoted from the Midnight in Chicago posting:

… [snip] People on the spec are persistant [sic] and so are their mothers….. that’s what makes all of us successful…… Are you a phony? If you actually donated your money to the Autism cause then you of all people would understand another trying to raise monies for charity…… but you are not relating…. why….because you have not raised money for Autism…. have you [name removed]? Your whole web site is a scam….. isn’t it….

And the private message sent to me implying I do nothing which is one of the reasons I posted what I have been doing.

You are so cute Zachary – maybe one day you’ll be in a video promoting Autism awareness — I won’t delet you – I’ll love it… cause I know you are looking out for our children with Autism.

Basically when the Autism community online united and started asking questions and then said they want no part of this, she went on the attack.  Shed used people on the Autism Spectrum to promote her business and when people on the Autism spectrum asked questions about her business they were thrown under a bus, harassed, belittled and threatened.  I guess the commercialism of Christmas using anything you can to get a one up now includes using those with disabilities.  Its a sad day.