Autism Speaks and Walmart Team Up To Exploit Autistic Children

As someone on the Autism Spectrum who has had significant problems with Autism Speaks including legal threats I was not surprised to see their latest way on capitalizing on Autistic Children.  For those of you who don’t know, I received a cease and desist notification for putting Autism Speaks protest shirts online stating that Autistic People can speak for themselves.  It was eventually solved after many autistic advocates called Zazzle and they relented.

Now Autism Speaks is again trying to capitalize on Autistic Children – they same children there pooring research money into to develop prenatal testing to encourage the abortion of.  They are selling school supplies to further fund their prenatal testing for Autism so that families can be encouraged to abort their children because they may have Autism.  Autism Advocate Paula Durbin-Westby has started a petition targeting the Walmart CEO asking them to remove the Autism Speaks school supplies from their stores.  As of the writing their our 72 signatures.

Walmart has not yet replied to our inquiries.