Election Year… Its Disgusting

Its the election year… when we decide who we want to vote in as President of the United States and when we get pummeled by political interests, attack ads, and lies.  I hate election years, I hate having to try and wade through the lies, deceit, half truths, and attack ads to try and pick who will be the best liar to lead our nation.

The fact is everyone who gets in the office of president does so by making promises they can’t keep – and they know it.  They make it by attacking the other person, and they make it to that office in the most disgusting ways possible.

Obama is a liar who keeps putting our economy further into the tank.  Yes, he inherited a bad situation but when firefighters show up at a bad situation they don’t pour gasoline on it.  The Affordable Care Act (known as Obama Care) is just a political stunt that’s not feasible at all and will only further tank our economy.  The move in the last few months before an election on LGBT rights is well you should be able to see a political stunt when you can.

Mitt Romney is not much better with his flip-flopping on important issues such as abortion and refusing to disclose financial statements.  Much of Mitt Romney’s history is shady as well which makes me nervous.

This is not an endorsement for either party or candidate… just a rant about how I’m sick of the political system.  I’m going to vote… but I’m not sure if i I will vote on who should be president.  No that’s not a wasted vote, because if I vote for one person I’m not sure if I will be able to be happy with myself with the clowns running for president.