Ways to Get Approved for SSI, SSDI and Disability Without Appeal

Getting approved for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), SSDI and other forms of Disability are often very difficult for even the most disabled, resulting in denials and appeals and a long wait before you get the assistance you need.  Here are some tips to get approved on your application for disability assistance with social security. Sadly many people when applying for Disability Assistance with the Social Security Administration get denied when they apply and then must appeal their denial.  There are several reasons that a denial can happen.  Here are the best ways to help yourself from getting a denial.

Present Your Own Medical Records to Social Security When Applying

Presenting your own records to social security is the best way to help yourself.  The most common reason that Disability Determination Specialists deny someone for SSI is due to inadequate medical records.  Go to your doctors offices, hospitals you’ve been in, case managers, or any other medical care provider and get as many records on your own as you can.  Even school testing records help!  The last tip is don’t give social security these records, either provide a copy of them or make them copy them.  They seem to loose things a lot before the Disability Determination Specialist even sees them.

Call Your Disability Determination Specialist

When your case goes to a Disability Determination Specialist, or the person who determines if you have a disability its often helpful to call them.  When this happens you will get a letter from Social Security with the name and phone number of this person.  Call them, tell them who you are and ask them if they need any additional records to make the determination.  If there is something they need to help make the determination they will let you know and you can get that to Social Security to be considered.

Not Getting Diagnosed or Tested

One of the other problems is in order to get SSI or SSDI you have to be diagnosed and have documentation of the testing to support it.  I know its often very hard to get get tested without insurance but this is absolutely necessary.   Get tested before applying.  Yes I know Social Security has their own doctors that can do testing – but its better to get the testing done on your own and have it submitted with your application.