Aspergers, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Relationships and Love

Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism is often misconstrued as a horrible disease that makes someone a killer, or some other form of horrible monster that has trouble socializing.  The thing is, that’s hardly the truth.  Yes like I’ve blogged about before, people with Aspergers do indeed have social issues.  This does not mean we are horrible monsters.  In fact most people of Aspergers have a heightened sense of fairness and will strive for what is fair.  What the media portrays of Aspergers is not the truth, and most of the smug superior people who claim to have Aspergers are self diagnoses (meaning they thought it was cool, as Aspergers seems to be the new fashion statement for rebellious teens).

People with Aspergers can love, in fact there have been many stories about people with Aspergers falling in love having happy relationships as well as others with disabilities falling in love.  With a person with Aspergers falls in love it goes very deep, deeper than I see it go with most – and a commitment from someone with Aspergers is rock solid, as people with Aspergers can never stand breaking their commitments.

The Difficulties of Aspergers and Relationships

Aspergers and Relationships can be difficult at times.  People with Aspergers often get very overwhelmed with things so often times they need some space in order to ground themselves and reset.  Looking for apartments or homes with someone on the Autism Spectrum like people with Aspergers can be very difficult as things such as the texture of carpet, or the angle the light comes through the windows can be sensory triggering.  But to be honest if you really love someone, these are not big issues.  And if you have Aspergers and someone uses these small issues to leave you – there not the person for you and are just using it as a convient excuse to leave you.

The Positives of Aspergers and Relationships

There is a lot of positive things about falling in love with someone who has Aspergers:

  • People with Aspergers have a heightened sense of fairness
  • Commitments mean everything to people with Aspergers.
  • But to be honest – were not that different from ANYONE ELSE!

What are the positives of Aspergers and Love that you have noticed?  Have you had any significant strougles?

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