Aspergers and Sex

Sexual Activity when it comes to Aspergers can be a very difficult thing.  People with Aspergers are often overwhelming in situations that may be over stimulating causing a sensory overload.    And sex is very stimulating to say the least and can result in sensory issues for those with Aspergers and others on the Autism Spectrum.

Overstimulation, Autism and Sex

People on the Autism Spectrum can be very easily overstimulated when it comes to sexual activity.  The smells, the feelings, the friction can very easily drive an Autistic Brain into overdrive.  They key to helping with this is communication.  Communication on what feels good, whats comfortable and most importantly if your getting overwhelmed is important for any couple – and even more important when you can get easily overwhelmed.

My Problems With Aspergers and Sex

Aspergers and Sex can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be.  The biggest things it takes to succeed are patience, communication and trust.  I had problems “getting off” so to say because the whole experience was somewhat overwhelming to me.  I would often fake an orgasm so that my partner was left satisfied and would be forced to get off on my own afterwords.  After a while we figured out and communicated a way for it to work for both of us – but eventually with open communication we made it so it works for both of us.  The biggest thing is trust.

Others Problems with Aspergers and Sex

Some sexually active Autistic people report problems orgasm or ejaculating like I did, others get overwhelmed by the feelings, the noises, or any number of things.  The first thing you have to do is communicate this with your partner – there will be no solution to sex problems without communication if your on the Autism Spectrum or not.

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