SSI and Marriage

Just like anyone else people with disabilities fall in love and get married… however when you are on Social Security SSI getting married gets you penalized.  For example in 2013 the Maximum Federal Benefit after the cost of living increase is $710 per person. However if two people on SSI were to get married they would only make $1,066.  If they were not married and living together they would make $1420 a month.  Thats nearly a $400 marriage penalty if a couple on SSI were to fall in love and get married.

Losing Money on SSI When You Get Married

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is a needs based program and many argue that when two people on SSI get married their pooled funds allow them to save money buy paying for expenses together.  However if you look at the actual costs of living with most apartments costing around $600 a month it would be hard for anyone to live on $1,066 a month – much less two people.

So is reducing the income of those on SSI if there were to get married fair?  Or does it limit people with disabilities?