When with the Social Security 2013 COLA Start?

social security colaI have seen many people asking when the announced 2013 Social Security COLA increase will start.  Everyone wants to know when they will be getting their new SSI or social security raise for 2013.  As I talked about previously the Cost of Living Increase or COLA for 2013 for Social Security and SSI recipients was announced.  Many are still confused about when they will be seeing the 2013 COLA Increase.

When Will I See the 2013 Social Security & SSI COLA Increase

Recipients of Social Security benefits will begin seeing the COLA increase in their 2013 Social Security checks and SSI Checks starting December 31st 2012.  The checks for January 2013 are issued December 31st 2012 as New Years day is a federal holiday.  Person with Payees will likely not see their checks for a few days due to the mail delay from federal holidays.