Closed Captioning and Charter HD TV Box

So I had a deaf friend come over today and we wanted to watch TV together, and I learned the difficulty that is setting up closed captioning with Charter Television when you have a Motorola HD Box.  closed captioningThe entire menu for the Charter TV Package has no mention of how to turn on the Closed Captioning feature, the on screen menu’s don’t show anything about closed captioning unless you know a secret menu to access.  The Charter online documentation is old, outdated and just doesn’t provide the right instructions and the Charter Tech could not provide any help.

So I ended up while on hold for 10 minutes while the Charter Service provider likely was scrambling to find the instructions consulting Google and found them buried under a pages of results.

How To Turn On Closed Captioning With A Charter Box

  1. Using the Menu Press CBL, then power to turn off your Charter HD Box but leave the TV on.
  2. While the Box is off Press Menu (yes, while the box is off!)
  3. Closed Captioning options appear!