Obama Care – Is It Great for the Disability Community?

So the Affordable Health Care Act known as Obama Care is something that many agencies that do disability advocacy are all excited and cheerful about – but is it really the great thing that for health care that many with disabilities are making it out to be.  There is no argument here that there needs to be a change in the public health care system, as well as the health care system all together in the United States – but the question is, is this really the great change that will make health care accessible to all?

To be honest I’m very concerned about Obama Care and its implications on health care in the United States.  Obama Care seems to be taxing the suppliers of medical equipment in order to pay for the costs of it, and the public health care portion of it is now paying doctors significantly less than what they get with Medicaid and Medicare currently, with them already getting pennies on the dollar based on what other insurance companies pay it is causing doctors to not take medicaid and medicare.  Getting dental work in my area is worse than pulling teeth, because no one will pull your teeth if your on medicaid and medicare!

Further taxing the suppliers of medical equipment is only going to drive up the costs of health care will cause the public health care system to be further strained.

My point is just because its offering health care for all does not make it a fix, it has to be paid for some way and this is just not a long term solution – in fact it will likely make health care worse.