Can Someone on Disability Be Sued

law suitOne of the attitudes I have heard from someone on Disability is that if their sued for the things they are doing wrong they just won’t pay, and that their disability earnings can not be garnished.  While its true their disability earnings may not be garnished the court has another way to get the money out of you.  A court officer can be ordered to cease property and auction it off to recover money.  This property can include your TV, your automobile, your house, your Nexus 7 Tablet, your jewelry, or anything that you own.  The property is taken by the court and auctioned off the recover the money that you have refused to pay.

So Yes, If Your On Disability You Can Be Sued!

And yes, they can collect – and take your great grandmother’s china set that was passed to you when she died to get the money for it.  So be responsible and follow through on contracts, on your lease agreements and all other items.  So while your disability, SSI, and SSDI can’t be garnished your property can be taken to gather the money.