Microchipping Wandering Kids with GPS Tracker

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 1.28.02 PMI saw a conversation thread online earlier today of a parent asking if there is a product that a doctor can implant a GPS tracking microchip into their child  who has a tendancy to wander.  I think microchipping a GPS tracker into any human being that has the ability to report ones live location has huge ethical issues and perhaps legal issues.  Who would be able to access the data?  Would the data be encrypted?  Could the data be obtained with a warrant?  Would the child be able to have it safely removed when they become of age?

I think Microchipping a child who has a tendancy to wander, whether it be due to Autism, FAS, or any other disability crosses an ethical line that should not be crossed.  Today Android based phones come preinstalled with a tracker in Google Maps which can update your location in Google Latitude if set correctly.  I currently use it because its fun to see my travels.  My signifciant other has it installed on her phone as she gets lost often and calls me for help to get around, and I just pull up Google Maps to see her location.  No need for a GPS tracker to be embedded under the skin.  Plus there are many commercial options like wristbands and watches available arlready.  Implanting Children with GPS tracking chips is unethical, immoral and should be illegal.

The Image above is From Google Maps Latitude of my Trip to Chicago last week and back to pick up a friend at O’hare airport.