What Disability Advocates Should Learn from #JusticeForTrayvon Riots

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.36.12 AMThere is something every disability advocate should learn about the Justice For Trayvon Riots, and yes I called them riots because that is what they have become.  When a group of people that are with you rush a hotel and break things at random while running through it makes you and your cause look bad.  When a group of people your cause associates with block freeways while throwing bottles at police officers it leads to you being associated with those people.

My point is that when there is a cause there are always extremists that make your cause look bad.  In disability advocacy we have our extremists as well such as the 41 activists who blocked access to the White House during hightened security conditions.   It is important for advocacy groups to distance themselves from radical advocates in order to be effective.  Peaceful protesting is okay, threating the security of the white house, damaging a hotel lobby and throwing bottles at police is criminal.  Your actions while protesting should never detract from your cause.

Image above is #JusticeForTrayvon Protesters rushing The W Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.