Meeting Shorty from Shorty’s Pitbull Rescue and Pit Boss

shortyToday I wen’t and met “Shorty” from the TV show Pit Boss, who also uses the assistance of a service dog, a pit bull named Hurricane and was born as a little person.  While most of his talk delt with Pit Bull related issues I pulled a few important things that I think are important for the disability community.  Shorty made a lot of poor choices that landed him 10 years in prison, plus with him being a little person his job prospects were likely small.  He however overcame those stereotypes and did something with his life, and is spending his energy doing something he is passionate about – Pit Bull Advocacy.  On top of that he has his own TV show, has wrote a book and continues to advocate for little people and pit bulls.

Although he may swear a lot (the editors on the TV show must have very difficult jobs) he doesn’t play the victim and is driven to succeed at what hes passionate about.  Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t change the world for the better.  What’s stopping you?