Obamacare the Affordable Care Act Is A Failure

affordable healthcare actYes, as someone who thinks the healthcare in our country needs some major fixing I do firmly belive the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare is a huge failure and is actually brining out country backwards in healthcare.  Yes I do firmly believe that our healthcare system in the United States is seriously in need of some solutions but Obamacare is not the solution.  For those that say at least the Affordable Healthcare Act is doing something, I agree with them.  The Affordable Healthcare Act is making the problem even more of a problem.

Healthcare.gov is Broken

I sat two weeks ago and watched someone try to sign up a user account on healthcare.gov and he was unable to do so.  Error message after error message was being thrown, page load times were slow and he was just unable to sign up after trying on and off for several hours.  This is a site that the federal government spent more than the combined cost of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked which all handle huge ammounts of traffic.  The site doesn’t work, and is likely the most expensive site on the internet today.

People are Loosing Insurance

Many people are loosing their insurance plans, people that had healthcare are now without healthcare.  Insurance companies are sending notifications to their customers that they are ending insurance policies.  These people now do not have health insurance.  This contributes to the problem.

But Your Just a Conservative

Actually I tend to vote democratic… but not always.  I actually voted for Obama.  Thanks for turning this into a political flamewar though.