When Does the 2014 COLA Payments Start

social security cutEveryone is wondering when the Social Security Cost of Living Adjust, or COLA Increase will go into effect.  Social Security Beneficiaries including those who receive SSI, retirement, Disability and DAC will receive a 1.5 percent increase in their payeffective the January 2014 Payment.  This means that when you receive your payment for Social Security for the Month of January 2014 you will see your 1.5 percent Cost of Living Adjustment.  SSI Recipients will receive their January 2014 payment on December 31st as New Years day is considered a holiday.  Others will receive their payments as scheduled.

Learn about supported employment for those on disabilty from Social Security’s Redbook.


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Zachary Lassiter

Zachary is a young man diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and is a strong advocate for people with disabilities. He is currently working on a book telling his story of love, life with a disability, self advocacy and advocacy for others.