Flying With Autism and Sensory Issues

Flying is a very overwhelming experience.  Last night I flew from Chicago O’hare Airport to Los Angeles International Airport.  The flight was delayed an hour and a half making for a very unpleasant experience waiting in the packed terminal.  However I made some choices when booking my ticket that helped with the sensory issues of flying.  I chose to fly with Virgin America.  While Virgin was a bit more expensive I have heard from others that it was worth it and indeed it was.

Flying Virgin America With Autism

Virgin America goes out of the way to make your flight as pleasant as possible.  Several huge differences in the main cabin made the flight a lot more comfortable for me than a normal flight.

Virgin America Mood Lighting

Flying with Virgin America
Flying with Virgin America

Virgin America has mood lighting, instead of having very bright white lights throughout the cabin they have subtle colors that are selected by the flight crew based on the time of day.  In the picture the reading lights are on above each seat – which are turned off as soon as the plane taxis to the runway.

Television and Music at Each Seat

To drown out the sounds of screaming children, the noises of the plan expanding and contracting each seat has a television set of its own and a headphone jack where you can watch an impressive selection of live television or listen to music.  Each seat also has power adapters so you can play downloaded music from your phone or use your laptop in flight with the internet on board.

Flying virgin was an awesome experience, and while it was a bit more for the round trip it made the experience of flying bearable.  I highly recommend flying Virgin America.

The picture of above was taken during my flights final approach into Los Angeles International Airport.


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