Concern Over My Daughter, and Now Ex’s Safety

My ex was charged with domestic violence in March and has since married a guy she barely knew.  After I found out he had access to my daughter on several occasions I ran a background check and what I found was extremely alarming not only for my daughter’s safety, but my ex’s safety as well.

I take this pretty personally… when I met I didn’t know anything about her disability or impairments.  As we got closer I noticed things like her inability to count money, how she struggled with budgeting, shopping, and cleaning.  I tried my hardest and successfully taught her many of these things.  She often thanked me for giving her a life because she would say before me her life was a swing set and an adventure the library if her parents allowed it.

Now I Regret That

After seeing these police reports I became very alarmed.  Kate’s husband has a very violent history.  He beat a mother and father with a walking stick while their two year old child was in the room sending both of them to the hospital with significant injuries and then threatened to cut the mother up into pieces and put her in the dishwasher.  He currently has a Child Protective Services case open because of that, which alarms me for the safety of my daughter.

But this is just not an isolated incident.  Kate’s husband also beat his niece and threatened her with a firearm, and told her that he would kill her when he got out of prison if she reported the incident to the police.

I pulled these reports because I was concerned about my daughter’s safety.  According to a call from one of Kate’s friends, Katelyn is currently pregnant which makes me very concerned about her safety as well.

I’ve sent the police reports to my daughters adoptive parents hoping that they can see clearly how dangerous this man is.  But now I am also very worried about my ex’s safety as well.  I’m meeting with her probation officer next week about this and I am debating contacting adult protective services or even filing for an emergency order of guardianship attaching these police reports to the petition.

But in my friends words, “She doesn’t care about you, You don’t deserve to put your thought an energy into someone who does not return the care you give them.”  My friend is correct, and I wish I could just stop caring – just not give a crap anymore.  However I can’t.

But many of my friends have told me I should make his police reports public just to make sure that Kate does know how dangerous her husband is and can have the opportunity to escape a dangerous situation.

Police Reports on Andrew Zugel

In the following report My Ex’s husband assaulted his niece over a pair of cigarettes, threatened to kill her if she called the police and threatened her with a firearm.

In the following report My Ex’s husband Andrew Zugel beat two parents with a stick while there two year old child was present and then threatened the mother, saying he would cut her up into pieces and place her in the dishwasher.


9 Replies to “Concern Over My Daughter, and Now Ex’s Safety”

  1. Domestic violence incidents go up when a woman is pregnant. I’m very scared for Kate. This guy should be cut into pieces and shoved into a toilet.

  2. Yeah, you can contact APS and make the report, state your concerns and then let it go. You owe her nothing more.

    You did the appropriate thing with your daughter and those raising her can protect her from that man.

    You’ve done your job.

  3. @Heather, I’m just concerned that if I contact adult protective services it will turn into jealous ex boyfriend trying to start stuff rather than the real safety issue for Kate.

  4. You can always make the report anonymously. You can say you fear for your safety if anyone knows who you are, etc. Can do it by phone, email, or snail mail (that’s less traceable but they wouldn’t anyway).

  5. I’m a domestic violence therapist, I ran across this post after reading some of your autism stuff. This is a very scary situation. Domestic Violence abusers do have a chance to change, however this guy is a ticking time bomb. He beat his brother, and his brother’s fiance in front of their 2 year old child? And then at a later date beat his niece?

    If your ex does not get away from this guy, he will kill her or really hurt her.

  6. Your friend is right about Katelyn. She cares nothing for you and used you. She’s a too bit, low down skank who only cares about her own gratification.

    The only one who you should be concerned about is your child whom I suspect Katelyn doesn’t give a fuck about either and is using her as a pawn as well.

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