Verilux HappyLight for Vitamin D Deficiency

Recently my doctor after I was describing some of the issues I was having, and after throwing nearly every anti depressant medication under the sun and it not really working had my Vitamin D levels checked, and they were astonishing low.  Her prescription was simple, light therapy and Vitamin D3 Supplements.  For the last week I’ve been using the therapy light my doctor recommended, a Verilux HappyLight Liberty 7.5k.  The results were near immediate with my mood and energy level.

verilux happy light
Verilux HappyLight Liberty 7.5k

I went from being groggy most days, somewhat irritable all the time and needing an almost daily nap to a much better mood, with better energy and almost never needing a nap.  I was not a big believer in what a small little light can do for ones health, but after trying the Verilux Happy:ight for just a week the results were surprising.

I use my Verilux HappyLight in the morning as I drink my cup of coffee and read through my morning emails and news articles for 20 minutes.  Combined with 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day I’m hoping this will make a huge difference.

2 Replies to “Verilux HappyLight for Vitamin D Deficiency”

  1. think its a placebo effect. Think its just the vitamin d thats making you feel better.
    If that lamp can ramp up your vitamin d levels then Im a beliver, but Im skeptical

  2. Uh… There is a ton of research that shows light therapy to have a positive effect on mood disorders, especially seasonal affective disorder. Meanwhile, vitamin D supplements have a very flimsy tie to improved health. It’s weird that splooge thinks the LIGHT would be the placebo.

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