Interior Designer for Those With Autism

A Minnesota mother and interior designer has worked hard designing the calm interior of their home for their son Devin, who was diagnosed at the age of three with Autism.  With the lack of interior design information for those on the Autism Spectrum she had to start from scratch.  The home is all clean, uncluttered and full of earthy neutral colors.  The home is done intentionally this way as confusion and bright colors can trigger sensory issues in children with Autism.

People on the Autism Spectrum can often be hypersensitive to stimulation which can include noises, bright colors and weird lighting.  I myself have had trouble with compact florescent lights and have switched to Phillips Hue bulbs which I can adjust the color on days I’m having trouble and need a more calming light temperature.

A.J. Paron-Wildes has now teamed up with the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Autism Task Force to develop some guidelines for decorating a home with a child on the autism spectrum.  She also consults with schools, medical providers and others in a wide range of autism related products and has authored books on Interior Design for Autism.

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