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2015 Social Security COLA Increase

I’ve received a few questions already asking what the 2014 Cost of Living Adjustment (also known as COLA Increase) for Social Security Recipients would be.  The Cost of Living Adjustment is paid out to all social security recipients, including those on SSI, SSDI (Disability) and RSDI (retirement) in order to cover the increased expenses in the last year.

How Will The 2015 COLA Increase Be Determined

Social Security determines the Cost of Living adjustment for 2015 by looking at the cost of living for Urban and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) from the third quarter of 2013 and comparing it to the CPI-W for the 4th quarter.

When Will the 2015 Social Security COLA Increase Be Announced

The Social Security COLA Increase for each year is typically announced in late October, however it is easily determined by looking at the CPI-W for the third quarter as its released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

15 thoughts on “2015 Social Security COLA Increase”

  1. since gas food and all consumer items which are all needed to sustain the poorest way of life are not considered a cost of living probably not enough to make a difference the last decent raise we had came in the george bush era 6.4% since we have had 2 years of nothing which is the first time since the 1970,s and 3 years of insulting raises which made no difference ask one of obama’s good wall street buddies if they could live on $750.00 per month they spend that much on a weekend meal at a fancy restaurant maybe they should try a happy meal what is more disturbing they consider ss an entitlement not all but most people on ss paid in there whole lives with a promise of security after retirement this is a GD DISGRACE


  3. I agree with Jack Taylor & William Barker completely. Increases in gas & food prices need to be included in the COLA formula. These are things we need to live!! And another thing….Medicare does not pay for glasses, dental or hearing aids. And who needs these the most? Seniors!! It’s like handing a starving person a box of candy & telling them they can only look but not touch.

    Actually I came in here to tell you my thoughts on the COLA percentage increases. By using a percent formula, the poorest & the neediest lose out. Increasing a recipient’s $1000 monthly benefit by 1% amounts to an $10/mo increase. But increase a recipient of $2000/mo by 1% & that person will get a $20/mo increase. $20 doesn’t sound like a big increase but that extra $10/mo can help pay the sky rocketing cost of groc or gas. Ahhhh yes….the rich get richer. The poor who get the $10/mo increase are losing out. Soon they won’t have enough to survive on. And all this from the richest country in the world?!! You are stealing money from we who have paid into it all of our lives. It is OUR money, NOT YOURS!!

  4. I get $897 a month Disability and trying to live after paying rent, utilities, and cable ( because I have to have a TV since I am stuck at home with my disability) and I live in a mobile home in a senior park and have to pay property tax and Insurance it leaves me about $150 a month for food and hygiene products. Who can do that? I am doing it but sometimes I have to choose whether I pay utilities or eat. I am 62 and didn’t choose to be disabled so why are they treating us like this? I can’t get food stamps and I cannot drive so I can’t get to a food bank to get food. There is no assistance for help with mobile home space rent or help to pay taxes or insurance. Something has to be done. We are going down hill fast.

  5. my husband and I are both on disability. you can’t make it on what little you get even with medicare medicine is outrageous.
    It is a shame that we live in a nation that is free as long as you are working and paying taxes, but when something happens and you don’t work anymore you are no good to them. I don’t know what to do we either make $20 to much or $20 to little to get any kind of help. it just not right when you have worked all your life I went to work when I got our of high school. I worked 34 1/2 years and so did my husband all I can say it is a shame how older people are treated.

  6. Depending on the state you live, there is some help depending on your income. There are some seniors who get a pretty large amount of Social Security depending on how much they paid into it. If you didn’t pay much into Social Security then you then you may be eligible for low income assistance with rent, utilities, medical etc. And some people do not know how to live within their means. You have to search online in your area for assistance for rent, utilities, etc. If you cannot afford your medication you can contact the company that makes the drug you take and they will pay all or part of your costs. I have done that and they paid for everything. If you make below $1000.00 a month you should be able to get Medicaid that pays for all medical and medications. You may be able to get food stamps or get rental assistance . But if your income is more then the max then you will have to learn to budget. Its not easy but I do it and I pay more then 1/2 of my income for rent and utilities, and it is a struggle but I can do it. I should of planned better for old age. I also had to be willing to live is senior housing that the government helps to pay for. But I doubt it will change in our lifetime so you have to learn to live with what we have. It sucks but that’s all we have right now.

  7. I receive 1100.00 after Medicare and Part D premiums. I have a net gain of 12.00 per month. The Part D premium goes up 10.00. Two lousy dollars. It might buy me half a gallon of gas. Huzzah? Where’s the benefit? Is there a benefit?

  8. Yes, 1% of $20,000 yields twice as much as 1% of $10,000. That’s just common sense arithmetic. What all who think this is unfair ought to remember is that everyone paid 7.65% of income (up to prescribed limits) in FICA taxes. The more you paid in the more you get out. That’s not stealing–that’s just common sense arithmetic. Now, try this on for unjust: many of those who paid the most in FICA taxes get hit with higher Medicare premiums. Why? The benefits are the same for all. How is this fair? Should level of income determine how much we are charged for groceries. Comprende?

  9. The whole deal is im on diability too. Ssdi and what the whole deal is those punks are looking out for their paychecks. They cut everything. Foodstamps. Worcester county school system has not gotten a raise for their employees for about9years. Its not right i know im retired from there due to diability reasons. All this is so they can continue to get their bonuses and raises off of the hard earned money and taxes we pay. They claim washington dont have money. Look at all the big parties and get togethers they throwing ofg of the taxes we pay. Taking from. Our childrens mouths. The president makes 563ooo dollars a year. Get 20,000. For vacation time and 2bonusrs a year. The president taking from us tooto cover his paychek. Tje senateCogress mayors. Councilmens all them bastards.they are making sure they are going to get their paychecks. Usa got money. If they didnt why is they sending millions over seas instead of taking care of our own that need to eat and feed our children cutting us. More troops being sent to iraq afganistan. Those bastards were ready to cut our troops who give their lives for their country to save their paychecks. Not doing nothing but sitting on their rumps fighting over money greed for themselves covering their behinds. And you wanna know why i dont vote. Cause why should i vote for loosing my own money i worked so hard for paying the high crooks and have paid in to ss all my life ive worked and than still have to get money taken out to pay part b of medicaid. Its a shame. They cut stamps in half now where the families are out of food for their kids specially single moms two weeks before or three weeks before they come again. Kis scratching for food. Its a crying shame how greedy the government and crooked theve gotten. And be glad when god intervene and destroy all these wordly government and use his government to stand indefinite to fix this mess and bring to ruin all these bastards whos ruoning their own mankind. Ill never vote for man who cant direct his own step. How he gonna direct mines or yours

  10. We can bitch all day long but this is not going to change in our life time. I wish I was getting Social Security instead of SSI/SSDA because I could at least work without it being deducted. We will just have to learn to budget better. I do budget and am paying bills but have nothing left.. learning how to shop for food and making sure we at least pay our rent and utilities and Insurance is most important. If you have other bills like credit cards etc., you may have to not pay those and not worry about your credit because you most likely will not be buying a new car or home and so credit really doesn’t matter. I wish I had the $1100. a month some of you are getting. I had to move into a place that was cheap enough that I could afford. They also have free cell phone service for low income people and senior housing that goes by your ability to pay but they have a long waiting list usually but at least get on waiting list. Keep checking online in your area for programs that will help you.. good luck

  11. Why Are you dedukting 30 %. Just becaus i am Austrian citizen. Thats not fair. I served in the US Army during the Bietnam war. 1963-1965.You can write me a letter. Addres Esslinger Hauptstrasse 9 38. 1220 Vienna Austria. I had a stroke. 11091941. Birthday. Thank you, Johann.

  12. Why would not vote some of theses people out of office. You cannot bitch about who is controlling the money when you do not vote I am on disability I vote every time

  13. J Hall , You said, ” I wish I was getting Social Security instead of SSI/SSDA because I could at least work without it being deducted” If you could be working why are you getting SSI/SSDA ?

  14. I can’t work but I am hoping one day I will be able to work alittle. I just had spinal cord surgery and there are no guarantees I will get better but I hope I do.

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