2016 Social Security COLA Increase Estimates

I’m already getting questions on what the anticipated 2016 Cost of Living Adjustment (also known as COLA Increase) will be for social security recipients. So far there is not good news.  Most experts are predicting there will likely be No Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment for 2016. 

The Numbers for the 2017 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA Increase) are here! 

The COLA Increase for Social Security is based of the CPI-W… and for so far this year it has been lower than what the CPI-W has been last year, however the numbers for July, August and September are the numbers that matter.

The average CPI-W for that period in 2014 was 234.241, and so far this year the CPI-W has not exceeded that number, and many experts predict it won’t.


So people on Social Security, SSI and Disability should prepare themselves to not get the COLA Increase they may be expecting, however it is still very early and this may change.

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  1. Why do all the government employees like congress and senate get big raises and the people that need that little bit of a raise get screwed all the time. The COLA is needed by all SS to try to live a normal life and pay there bills which keep going up every year. The little raise we get helps.

  2. I know its hard to make ends meet on $840.00 a month and no, increase for 2016 just blows my mind.. has any one of the idiots we have in office looked at the price of food lately NO cause they have other people due their shopping… they need to see the actual bills of what it cost to live… my husband is trying to get his disability going so with one income at like i said $840.00 and Food Stamps of 200.00 a month we have to seek out other options like food banks and soup kitchens in order to live each month… we live here in Phoenix, AZ and its nearly impossible to make it but we do….

  3. I’m 71 years old and not able to work after my stroke. I had to move out of my home country the USA, in order to live on my Social Security. I worked my life in the USA and thought I would be able to live out my life being able to have my kids and grand-kids around. But Can’t even pay for housing in the USA. I’m now living in the Philippines, in a third world country my money just gets me by. I never have any money to even see a movie. I feel that I’m just waiting to die and get it over, this is no way to live. The USA is subsidizing, Junk, and they should be helping the retired Americans that have been forced out of there homes in order to just live.

  4. My friends , I too am on SSDI . I get $1703 per month, but I busted my butt over the last 45 yrs. I would had kept working if it wasn’t for my 2 kidney transplants. I joined the marines back in 77 , worked all my life in business, save a few bucks and was forced to stop working at 49 years old. I’m 56 now, never took anything from the government. , and the first time I applied for SNAP, I was turned down. I realize something, once we are no longer useful, we are in the way. The government wishes they could just bump us off

  5. This is very true but I blame the people who voted for the senator and congress nextime vote for the right people because its for the people like us who is trying to live a normal life and the federal agencies should respect that the should investigate business owner who taking advantage of people who are disability.

  6. It is very hard to make ends meet and the price of rent is so high especially in California..I get $1017.00 a month from Social Security..It is a joke the table that they use to see if you qualify for food stamps is ridiculous..I was told that I only qualified for $16.00 a month..What is the Government thinking just because they in Office don’t have to worry about housing or food or clothing or medicine.They should be in our Shoes..It is true in the United States once you are retired you are forgotten. We need more Advocates for Seniors plus more Senior Housing…

  7. To the person who states that he worked his butt off for 45 years and stopped working at 49: you realize that means you started working at age four, right?

  8. I’m 56 yrs old my friend, I worked for 45 yrs starting at the age 11 at my grandfathers supermarket after school. And believe you me, I enjoyed it. I was in charge of inventory

  9. The way things are going with OUR Govt., I think I would be better off to become a Mexican Citizen they get more from our Govt. Then I would ever get.

  10. It is a sad reality that the present tax payers. Must endure such a small increase in SSI or no increase. Let the congressmen live on $800.00 month other than the thousands salary and retirement they receive. I think they would find it very difficult to live. Food has skyrocketed utility bills out the roof. How long must we be the forgot ed humans. All the generous ways foreigners receive benefits without NEVER paying into SSI. We need help NOW.

  11. I agree with the above statements. Our and I say our government should take care of our legal citizens first. take care of our homeland. Trim some money from these people who get so much and they don’t even know what a hard days labor is. Take some from the highest paid and raise some of the lower paid. Everyone’s check should be at least proverty level pay. We worked all our lives and get barely anything to live on. Some people get checks from a lot of different agency’s. They didn’t work any harder than we did, most not as hard . Most have no idea how hard it is to work in a cotton mill or sewing factory as I did. It would kill some people to have to do this. So yes, congress should try what we have been through and see how hard life is. Go to a grocery store and have to carefully check for sales.

  12. When a decent politician gets into office, they become less than desirable. There aren’t any good and decent people running, not on any ballet, so you don’t have a choice. They should only serve the 2 yrs. they are elected for and should not have a choice for reelection. I truly believe, that big corps and 1% of the richest people should not donate to charities, but put it into the lowest paid people in our country, the disabled and poverty stricken. The charities will get funding some other way. For example, the ice bucket challenge raised tons of money, so there are many other ways to raise funds. It would eliminate a lot of wasted $’s. I worked hard almost my entire life, didn’t make a lot of money and now it shows in my disability checks. Obama sends nearly 3/4’s of a billion dollars overseas every month, so how come we can’t access those $’s.

  13. they don’t care obamana is to blame the people who voted him back in office made a mistake

  14. I am a Presidential Advisor. Right now what the government should do is do away with COLA because the raises are too small and unfair. The minimum amount of raise should be mandatory of 3% and a maximum of 5% a year. Over a period of time this would really help the people struggling with rent, mortgages,food, medication, gas and medical bills. This will also help stimulate the economy. The problem is we need Presidential runners who will care about the people. They reach down to get your vote and once they get into office the hell with you. This is not fair.

  15. In past years, I have read and heard that Social Security is only meant to compliment a person’s retirement income. With that said, the government should have programs, specific to recipients who only receive Social Security. Cost-of-living increases need to be recalculated to reflect, how much is needed to live at least, a decent quality of life.

  16. This is my third entry , and here’s what I found out so far . Our beloved president will increase our COLA for the fiscal year of 2016 by 1.3 percent. Boy what a big increases !!! Now I can differently buy the Sundays newspaper on Sunday’s now. What a joke, for God sakes , doesn’t our so call beleaguered government realizes that this is not enough for people to survive, real people , not monopoly people. This isn’t right , depending on what we get , we’re talking about what $15 to $20 bucks a month. Desperate times , call for desperate measures. We need to organize, we need to open up the lines of communication and hammer our congress and senate in every state, that we the forgotten people, were the backbone of yesterday year fighting, struggling, serving our country and sacrificiing while our so call congressional elections leaders spending all of their time hiding in school. This is a joke.

  17. They claim because prices are staying steady there will be no COLA in 2016. I have to wonder who does the food shopping in their house! AND who will keep my lot rent from going up 20 dollars? The shame is we can talk all we want and we still will get screwed out of a lousy 1.5% adjustment. Makes people want to die before they can no longer afford to live.

  18. Hey i would like to know if youall didnt vote the half white half black into office who did you got what you a slick talking pimp daddy muslim lover at rainbow house deal with it fools

  19. I do not like or respect Mr. Obama, but there are 535 folks in congress who more responsible for us than the main man. I say get rid of the whole bunch. I think that I could replace them with people who could make sound decision without the worry of upsetting the party. I am an American, retired military. I just wish that we would start taking care of us and not worry about what to do with illegals. We are not African-American, and so on,
    we are American. God Bless America…..

  20. No 2106 cola why do the lazy state and federal employees get one.? Obama doesn’t care about the elderly. I know the govt will say they don’t get colas instead they get annual raises based on locality which is another way of pulling the wool over our eyes. The SSI cola formula is out of date and needs to be tied into the raises government employees receive. Then equality will be achieved.

  21. Jacqueline plan would be great but won’t happen. Nothing will happen asong as we drag along accepting if the status quo. Yes, I recieve more than average. However, it is all relative to your lifestyle and I can assure you that mine is hard to. I can afford my copays and definitely NOT scrips and the diet I need. If I had to pay rent I would be in more trouble than I am with multiple debilitating disabilities.
    If we, the disabled and retirees want proactive change we need to make ourselves heard by the government in an organized effort that world hears!
    They are listening to and spreading racial hatred, legalizing same sex marriage and pot!
    Why aren’t we helping ourselves? It’s time to organize!

  22. You guys don’t get it. We live in the worst place comparing to other developed contries. An average city worker in a big city after 25 years of employment gets $5,000-$7,000 a month plus royal health care for life. Peace officers and firefighters get $7.000-$9.000 after 20 years. Just use Internert to get the facts. I have great respect for our first responders but not for city workers who are just normal office workers who are lucky they work for uncle Sam. The rest of us are screwed. Even $2,000 social security is a joke unless you live in senior housing.
    Write to AARP. Write to Congress, write to all newspapers. The problem is the SYSTEM. 2% COLA is not a solution.

  23. I don’t understand why everyone is shocked. Isn’t it the way things are supposed to work? The less of a COLA that gets dispersed to the people that need it, the more those idiots (both R & D) can keep for themselves. They don’t know about Cost of Living because it doesn’t effect them. Most of these idiots eat free. The meal is either put on someone elses credit card or their own expense account. Congressmen and Senators have to eat so this is a necessary expense, a write-off so Uncle Sam will pick up the tab.
    Years ago, a political job was for God and Country.
    Well they’ve succeeded in taking God out of the equation and our infamous leader is doing a real good job about taking the Country out of the other half of the equation.
    Anyway, the country needs the extra money to finance the world leader in terrorism. IRAN who in turn will finance anyone who could hurt us. So the question is:
    Should the government give a 2.0% increase to someone who has worked all of their lives, and has been destroyed several times by banks (we bailed out) who is about to be destroyed again by radicals who hate whomever doesn’t share the same belief. If you come up with the answer “yes,
    they should give the 2% raise” then you will never understand so scratch your political aspirations.

  24. How many people who were displaced by Superstorm Sandy did not get to vote, as we were? Obama is a monster who should never have been re-elected. Hillary is, actually, worse, as she is incompetent, and denied us help when she was NYS Senator. How the hell does that little bitch have the nerve to ask Americans to contribute to her campaign, when she and her philandering husband are multi millionaires? Now as for the COLA, it is deserved, and Obama should grant it, before turning any money over to Iran, Israel or anywhere else.

  25. keep on voting for republicans and expect to be treated as second class citizens. why do you people constantly vote against your own best interests all the time? especially all you red state retirees. it’s beyond me!!!

  26. We can forget about any increase for 2016, in fact there talking about cutting SSDI by 19% , if that does happen i will be force to go back to work, let see with my 2 back operations, kidney transplant, gout, HBP, blood sugar, hey i should be able to last on a job 1 day !!!!!

  27. I’m make little money obama don’t care for raises he just rich and I want a new president that will raise cola so I can be happy and calm instead it hard to afford

  28. Well, I suppose all those illegals who aren’t allowed to be in this country have swelled the ssi roles & swallowed up the disability funds that were projected to last past 2025. Who else has eroded this once solvent allocation?

    Oh yeah, the liberal push to add folks whose unemployment benefits have run their course & rather than add them to the amount of unemployed Americans, which this administration wants to report as normal, they’ve become the new economically disabled, millions more in a few short years than all previous years.

    19% cut & no cola? Who the h had condemned MORE PEOPLE TO BECOME HOMELESS??? What do they think we all receive, $2000 a month? And why 19%, is that some type of magical equation that will bring us positive results or break the tenuous ledge we straddle between just barely making it or just giving up because it is just so hard to hold on any longer? Don’t hey realize we’ve tried every single method to be able to make it thru the month, & still lack the last week of a month? How can they be so heartless & so cruel & so patronizing to even think it is totally acceptable to hurt a great majority of people, who can barely live the poverty class existence as it is? Cut the salary of those bureaucrats by 19% and use that savings for whatever purpose is intended to steal 19% of precious survival dollars from us. The cut would put us back to what we received 10-15 years ago & we’d have to climb another cola ladder of that amount of time to get where we are today.

    Don’t they understand they’re slicing 1/5 of our monthly benefit?

  29. I read some comments from veterans and I think some of you should seek help from the VFW or DAV for disability related compensation.
    There are things like conditions that are caused by agent orange for guys in Vietnam etc. Please go to one of these people if you have disability and see if you have any money due you. If any condition started while you were in the service it should be in you records.
    God Bless, Tim

  30. The libs are all pushing for a $15.00/hour minimum wage which is about 100% higher than now. Now congress wants to freeze seniors Colas from Social Security in 2016! Does this make sense to anyone? How about limiting the time on welfare and all the other freebie programs that is draining our budget. Pretty soon seniors won`t be able to afford a senior coffee at McDonalds.

  31. I am sick and tied of immigrants getting better living and medical care than I do I worked for 50 years and I never asked for any help I raised two children I child support or welfare so why do people from other countries get more help and people that lived on welfare or add get help let the people in the so called government try living on what a person on social security gets for 1 year and ask Obama why I should have to give up my raise on social security when I will never use his stupid insurance but I’m sure his family will when they get herr

  32. Social Security was designed to help the older Americans and not those with so-called disabilities. Most of these people on these so-called disabilities are nothing more than lazy parasites that don’t want to work. Either sink or swim because the sooner these lazy bums get cut off, the better it will be for the rest of working Americans.

  33. Musicman you are only partially correct. SSI is a safety net for all Americans who have paid into the program thru a lifetime of work. Unfortunately there are parasites where ever there is money to be gained. Most workers today have no pensions, so when tragedy strikes, you better be glad you paid into the system. Suppose an accident or a fatal disease were to get you. You can’t work but are alive. Those so-called disabilities are real. It sucks to be so sick from cancer you can’t function. You will get old someday yourself.

  34. if we want to lay blame, start with the Bushes, who took the money from social security to pay for 2 wars

  35. the money we paid into social security has been used up long ago, we are living off of our children and grandchildren’s money, how sad that I worked 42 years and no money left for me. republican wan to appeal the affordable care act of insurance, but guess who is paying their insurance, the american people

  36. If they took all the tax payer monies going to Planned Parenthood and transferred it to the Social Security fund, maybe recipients would receive a COLA increase in 2016.

  37. Your cuts from your disabilities checks are being cut to keep the paychecks bonuses and vacation and raises to keep the congress senate presidents paychecks going. They gotta find something to cut to keep the bastards paycheck going. They don’t care who it hurts put on the streets homeless people as long as they are getting me me me and their raises from your hard earned money you worked all your life for they pulled from your checks your children mouths. What makes it so bad they cutting our soildiers money who got messed up trying to save and fight for this country. Why have the people not even in the government middle class families poor families have to raise money to help our soldiers and families. Why are our soildiers who fought for our country homeless? And you people voting for these greedy non promising s.o.bs. I don’t vote. Why. These greedy bastards are imperfect can’t direct their own steps how in the world they gonna direct yours. This country is getting worser and worser more wars hunger terrorism murders school shootings innocent children loosing their lives police officers getting worser shooting down innocent kids. Why you people voting for Kiera taking your hard earned money for their convenience going to the golf field laying back in the Bahamas with what they cut outta your ssdi with Martina’s in their hands. Trips to Hawaii. Parties at the whitehouse with your money. And they holler the country going broke. Horse marnarky. They saving the countries money cutting yours all the prices letting you starve half the month giving it to foreigners our jobs taking our work hours. And yall voting. All of this will come to a end in a short due time. Gods government and God himself will rid of all these governments and I pray everyday when they and the workers for them will be crushed to nothing. That’s the only thing I vote for a perfect God and his powerful government that will put a stop to all this bull and it will be so. God does not lie and he never dies. Have your fun now all you ones working for Satans organization and see the salvation of God judge you. And I can’t wait.

  38. The bull never ends I never wanted to end up on ssdi but well it happens worked hard all my life since i could walk paid more then my share of dues to the goverment and state was in bussness till I got sick raised my family strong good morals and ethecs my kids have
    had to swallow alot of my pride for what to be a americain well
    time for a change time for a revalotion its going to come to that
    and it sucks somebody needs to do somehead out of ass pulling

  39. Music man go f yourself I worked all my life and in the education medical field helping children and paid my s… Into social security. I am 65 got into a real bad accident by no fault of my own and laid up in the hospital in a coma for a while brain bleed injury broken up full of metal wheelchair and cane bound physical therapy forever. I’m on ssdi and you got a god nerve to sit up there and put people who want to continue to work wishing they could talking Bulls… Go to hell. You don’t put everybody in that catorgory cause you don’t know their situation. What about the ones born deformed our soildiers who fought to save your retireded ass and they can’t even get their disability all hurt up joints blowed off homeless. Go have a seat you hot talking air stupid crazy no good mf and shut up and talk what the h… U know. You need to have a lot of seats fool.

  40. Anybody that votes Republican is begging to lose there SSI or SSDI,benefits,they would rather fight a War than help the people of there own country,and look who is in front of the GOP canidates another rich fat cat,Trump what a joke they are 17 of them and none of them are worth a Damn,if they care about the people of America, when will they show it,the answer to that Question–is NEVER?

  41. Lets vote republican so instead of giving you a two cent cola increase, they would be taking money out of your social security to pay for wars and to give the rich tax cuts. Plus if you then need to go on welfare, they will cut the program so you would live on a two dollar a day meal plan.
    Yeah lets vote republicans. What a joke.

  42. A men my brothers who fought & served their country to be pis!!! on
    for the service they gave to their fellow Americans. They only count when the country needs them, forget their sacrifice which was given without complaint. The gutless wonders who have never given one dam minutes service to this country, they should be ashamed of their greedy selves & then complain about helping support those who haven given so much. I hope you freaks rot in hell you deserve it.

  43. I don’t usually comment but I have to agree with many of you that worked for only God knows how on long on jobs we didn’t like so we could eventually retire. We got hoodwinked, bamboozled and led astray. and what the government doesn’t seem to get is that we worked for the money. They can never pay us back but at least should make sure we can live in peace. Everything is getting higher. When you get 500-600 a month light bills, how can you live. I mean they increased Medicare insurance and it will continue to rise. We need to fire Congress and Senate. It’s not the President ya’ll. It is those we voted for to represent us. Throw the bums out!

  44. Its so sad that I have worked hard my whole life but after getting sick am now receiving SSDI. The sad part is that prisoners in USA he treated better then the elderly, disable and veterans. Prisoners received 3 meals a day health, dental and vision care and let us not forget cable TV.

  45. what has happened to the law concerning the illegality of congress or anyone else using SS benefits for their own use. why do they not understand that SS is paid into by workers during their lives. It is insurance that there will be enough money to live on when a person can no longer work or is of the majority, we paid for it.. it is not obama’s vacation money.. it is down and dirty to be robbed of insurance money..

  46. I get ssdi and have for 5 years. I want to work but my Dr. Whom I respect greatly says itd kill me. I feel like im dying now so why would it really matter. No ones going to miss me anyway.

  47. Just heard on the news that the GDP economy increased by 3.6% in the jut the past quarter. So, Obama please give u seniors an increase COLA for 2016……………please………………………we need it desperately….

  48. The increase in ssi, is based only on the cost of living increase, so if they don’t evaluate a increase in the cost of things, which they haven’t there will be no more $$$ next year. How they evaluate this isn’t in the receivers (us) favor. Its based on stock market ups and downs over the year like commodities & oil ect, ect, which has balanced out this year + or -, not what it actually cost each individual to live.

  49. Ask Obama why he took all the mint from social security to back Obamacare ( which is one big laugh) besides all all the trillions of dollars he has borrowed I’m sure he is living great and his kids will. All he cares about is his name in history which as far as I’m concerned is mud pig

  50. I believe that more Americans should learn more about the legislature and the process that affects us all. We, as retires and disabled Vets must take a more proactive stance. We all pin the blame on the politicians and government.

    The reality is, “You get the Government you deserve” If all your information comes from a media that dramatizes its news for one reason! RATINGS!

    Start doing your own research and watch something other than Fox News. Rupert Murdock and Newscorp owns the air waves. He also operates his TV news in the same fashion as his Tabloid newspapers. We all fall victim including myself.

    Think about it. Many people believe Government is the problem and we do not want them to interfere in our daily lives. Well, you can’t have it both ways. If we want our Government to give us an increase in COLA we have to accept other programs that aid other people in need. Our schools are substandard mostly because Politicians promise lower taxes. Lower taxes = lower standards.


    A good fire dept, a good Police dept. Libraries and after school need funding. It lowers crime and produces better citizens.

    Take a class in Sociology and Government. You will no doubt look these situations can be resolved.

    In 2010 we received a 5.8% raise. How did it get done? Obama was President. How can that be? Answer: it’s not up to him.

    If anyone reading this has formed a profile of me you may be surprised. I served in the military from 1966-1970. I’m proud of my service but I also know that my Country is not always right and U.S. Citizens can change that if we accurately informed. If the NRA, Tobacco companies, Pharmaceutical companies can have a lobby group why can’t we??

  51. the u.s government sees us as numbers not real needing a little helping hand! and all those crooks in d.c have blank check to fill out as needed !!!!!

  52. I agree with you 110%, to bad the masses are just sheep & to lazy to do more than bitch about it, 98% follow, 2% take responsibility, thats my opinion of our situation~!~!~!

  53. Everytime we get a cola increase our rent goes up for those of us who live in HUD apartments, our food stamps decrease and so does our state checks. It’s like we never got the increase in the first place.

  54. I have read all the comments and am surprised at all of the people commenting have no idea how the social security cola works. The President doesn’t have any say so in the cola . Blame President Obama for everything, look to the Republican congress a do nothing body of people who set on their hands and blame anyone and everyone but themselves. I ask as a poor person what has the Republicans done for me lately? Nothing!!!!!

  55. no cola increase in 2016.In this country it pays to open your legs to every tom.dick & harry and have kid after kid and let me & othert hard working people pay for this.Maybe this is why we have Donald trump way ahead in the republican pols tired of having career politicians ruin this c ountry.

  56. We the retirees have the most awesome power in the country called the vote.Politicians spend countless billions to get it but we the retirees give it to them for nothing asking for not one concession such as the super wealthy and big business do.If we could vote as one powerful force the politicians would come to us on their hands and knees.Don’t waste your time with organizations like AARP who sell everything from life insurance to vacation packages. I have the skills needed organize groups and would love to give this ago.

  57. I really hope Donald Trump is electected. I am on SSDI and made over six figures prior to my accident. Now I get 25% of my gross income. Both Partyies are to Blame Along with that Brother who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I guess it’s bend over and kiss our asses good bye for any COLA increase. Obama became a fat cat along with the House and Senate. If Trump wins at least we will see a great big display of political one upsmanship. In other words Mr Ego with his background will be in a urinating contest with every elected official. If we went back to AMERICA FIRST and stopped sending our soldiers, Jobs and support overseas then maybe there would be just enough left to give us poor folk a few more pennies a month. I’m also waiting for some more of that government cheese.
    Trump is the only way we have to revolt without force, otherwise big brother will bring out the whipping stick! God Bless America, we used to be a great country. Don’t sit by idly, write letters, get involved. Money talks in America and if you follow the trail you’ll discover the truth! We are being fleeced!!!

  58. Social security tax on income is only on the first 117,000 of earnings. So someone making 2,3,4 and more times that all pay the same amount of tax. That’s not fair. If that ceiling was raised it would bolster the ss funds and make it possible to give higher benefits and the ss fund would not dry up.

  59. Well– The one thing that should WAKE UP everyone in WASH.DC is the fact that us without much money are being leaned on again with having to pay for a OBABA Care Health Ins. Plan each, and every Month from now on !! I mean no COLA ?? Give us a break, and go along with Bernie Sanders, and increase with a flat rate of an extra $75.00 a month, our social security benefits. I would rather vote for someone who is going to help me with my day to day survival, than say someone who has no idea of struggle, and is out of touch with the Real needs of all Americans !!!

  60. If the government can’t give us our cola we should be aloud to make it up else where with out being penalized an our benefits. Everyone on SSI has the right to work as long as they don’t make over a certain amount. This is based on the amount you receive for SSI. For example if you get $1700. month you can make $1090. in addition. The problem that I have is that this is all taxed at the end of the year. When you work you pay taxes. when you receive SSI you pay taxes on money you have already paid taxes on. Provided that you have worked and paid in to the program. There are people that have never worked that receive SSI. So for someone that gets the $1700. a month they have a $800.00 tax liability at the end of the year. So if you do choose to work you would have to put a fourth of the $1090. in an account just to pay your taxes at the end of the year, and your employer would take another fourth to pay your taxes on what you worked. Also with the increase in wages will cut the amount of hours one can work and still get their benefits. That makes it hard to get a job because employers don’t want someone that can only work 10 hours a week. Like me I can’t go back to work and get off SSI as I would have to have a job that would pay me $25.00/$30.00 an hour just to make what I have coming in now.

  61. Colleen, yes, Social Security was never meant to be the only source of income during retirement. It is meant to go with 401k and pensions (which most companies no longer give unfortunately). That makes it even more our responsibility to save as much as possible in our 401ks.

  62. From the SSA.Gov site: ” It (COLA) is based on the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) from the third quarter of the last year a COLA was determined to the third quarter of the current year. If there is no increase, there can be no COLA. Nothing to do with Obama.

  63. Freddie, again it has nothing to do with Obama. The formula to determine COLA has been in place since 1972. Automatic annual COLAS began in 1975. Before that benefits increased only when Congress enacted special legislation. If yall are really worried about this I’d encourage you to join the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. http://www.ncpssm.org/

  64. How do you people think seniors are supposed to get by without a cost of living raise. Every time I go to the store the prices have gone up and my medicine has also gone up. I am seventy two and still having to work part time just to get by and I have arthritis real bad too. Let congress go for a year without getting a raise and see how they like it.

  65. The government uses gas prices as one of the big determining factors toward a COLA. Gas is down so no COLA. Yet most seniors and disabled folks drive very little. The cost of apartment rental is rising over 15 percent a year , prescription drugs rises about 12% , grocery prices rise an average of 8%, phone, internet and cable services rise 6% yearly. Why not base the COLA on what seniors spend their limit incomes on. I am surprised that they don’t use condom prices as a factor. This is a joke.

  66. i guess while we wont get a increase but i bet the sorry people on capital hill will get one and they deserve nothin at all but a thrown out of office all they deserve

  67. Kelly, I don’t know how old you are, but waaaay back when social security was implemented it was considered seniors retirement. Not like it is today, which you wrote, supposed to go with other savings such as 401K’s. You are right that the COLA is not an Obama issue but a Congress issue. There’s has been a lot of inflation so there should be an increase. Just look at the cost of food, insurance, etc.

  68. I see a lot of people who don’t seem to know the difference between SSI ( supplemental security income) and SSDI social Security disability insurance ). SSI payments are generally going to be lower because they are made to people who cannot work, or disabled children for example, Who do not have enough work quarters to qualify for Social Security . Often times there SSI is low enough that they are eligible for subsidies … Such as food stamps, possibly reduced housing, A small monthly check from the state, and their Medicare premium as well as their supplemental insurance is all paid by the state medicaid system. Not saying it’s easy for those folks . It’s just really hard to be caught in your late 40s to mid-50s, where you have busted your butt working jobs over 40 hours a week, and then you become permanently disabled, & the system you’ve paid into all of your life determines by your wages, what your SSDI Will be. your SSDI is considered to be enough income to live on without any additional assistance. I’m sure the fee congressman who has health problems do not have to pay to kind of copayments we do for very costly medications to try to maintain some quality of life. I don’t know about any of you other folks, that there have been times I have gone backwards only gotten a small cola because the freight going up electricity going up etc. sorry to the people out there who think they were just sucking off the system I don’t have cable TV; I have a 1991 set it gets whatever I can pull in. We fall hard between the cracks because we make too much money to get any kind of state assistance, we pay our Medicare premium in the neighborhood of $126 or more directly out of our checks and we are responsible for her own supplemental insurance and all the copayments to go with it . Additionally I cannot qualify for food stamps, or reduced housing. But for all this across-the-board yes groceries go up medicines go up, often times we have to take over-the-counter supplements, they increase in price …:

  69. Meshel, I was born in 1966, but my parents, who are now 75, knew they would need retirement accounts and never planned to live off social security. They have retirement accounts, pensions, and live quite well. Perhaps the original intent was to provide a livable income, but that isn’t the case anymore.

  70. Great I have a investment retirement acct,but the time I can take it out the way this country is going I wont see it because government crooks will take it some way.

  71. it seems everybody wants to blame Obama it is not him it is all the ones in congress plus they have to change their structure from 1972 this is 2015 things change in 43 years.

  72. Kelly, your parents were not the majority in 1966 who were smart enough and had enough income to prepare for retirement. Social Security when first implemented in 1935 by Pres. Roosevelt, was not for those that knew they had to supplement their income today to live when they retire, too old to work or were disabled. Yes, now it is only a supplement in concert with other money resources. (ie, IRA’s 401K’s etc)

  73. I get 609.00 a month from SS. Thank god I also have my disability from the VA. But the gov just spent 10 Billion on a program VA Choice thats run by a company called Health Net. And it does not work. The VA does not work. Health care at the va is at a low. Disband and spread the money out.

  74. why is it every time people have so much to say about a subject there is always someone that is ignorant enough to state untrue facts about people living on welfare, let me assure you the rules have very much changed in that area and unless you can back up the shit that is rolling from your lips you should keep them closed. first let me assure you that any unfortunate person trying to survive by means of receiving welfare is just shy of living in a box, i briefly had to except it for 6 months you cant even pay rent with what they give you and you can continue to shit out kids but you no longer will get any monies for them if you have one kid or three and you are unfortunate to need assistance briefly you can kiss your ass goodbye i needed help at end of my pregnancy with my 4th kid because the man u was with failed to do his duty i had to work till i couldnt physically do another day i got 315 dollars for myself and 3 sons and 350 a month in food stamps i didnt receive maturnity leave when i had to stop working the money stopped to. if you think you can even put a roof over their heads with that you got problems 6 months i was out of work, we nearly lost everything. when they took my child support form 3 boys because i got that lousey 350 i told them to take their chump change ill make it what ever way i can with food stamps only and court ordered child support being less then 300 a month for 3 kids. they put you through the ringer and take everything for you while they give you shit. i paid into it just like everyone else does but it certainly aint worth having to live on it but im so sick of you idiots acting like anyone having to suffer with that is taking from your individual pockets . you better pray that you never have to go through having to live like that in your lifetime. you wanna know why people live their lives stuck on that shit because they dont give enough help to get you up on your own feet they take all your efforts away instead of giving you the chance to stand on your own so please refrain from making your ill gotten ideas and talking out the side of your neck cause frankly im tired of hearing it.

  75. and while im at it i might as well let you in on another lil tidbit my daughter gets disability and has since she was 4 years old now 20 years. they give her finally at this point 730.00 a month and only 120.00 in food stamps and the only way anyone living on that amount will always need to live in a roommate situation at this point i am her payee. and i make sure that her rent is paid her utilities her phone and the internet shes a girl she has monthly needs as all girls do, and they talk about you giving her money for entertainment wtf i would love to im still working haRD every dam month just making sure she has food in her belly. whats even worse 2 blood clots to the lungs later and extreme damage to both my legs i have not been able to work since 2011 so im not even able to help her to survive each month. so now your talking 2 people having to survive on 730.00 this country is sickening proud to be an american ? hmmm i use to be now when i need my country more then ever i get nothing ya proud is what id call it discusted is more like it.there are many days i wish it was over and im only 53 i hate i cant do shit anymore the pain is overwhelming 90 % of the time.depression pain hunger and worry make for a grand life wouldnt you say?

  76. Shaking my head, I read your comments and while I have sympathy for you . You bought this all on yourself. You didn’t take control of your life and so now you expect others to carry your weight. You reap what you sow

  77. Shakingmyhead, what on earth are you talking about and why are you mad at Zachary? All he was doing is announcing there is unlikely to be a COLA this year. He said nothing about people on TANF (“welfare”) or anything else.

  78. I live on $733.00 a month plus I get $117.00 in food stamps I have to go to a food bank for food I can safely eat and I try to work my food stamps out in the course of the month it not the easiest thing to do. I live in a safe house hotel my rent is $600.00 a month. After my rent and bills are paid I don’t have much to live on for the remainder of the month. There is not enough housing for the disabled not the seniors. I am not pleased with our government and what they are doing to us. What do they expect us to do go out and steal food to to stay out of the hospital? I don’t think so. Let these government fat cats live like we do and see how they feel. Our president needs to stop sending money overseas and stop giving the foreigners all the tax breaks and free housing our country men should come first not last.

  79. Hi Linda

    We are seeing all of this on web sites.The only way anything is to be corrected in this country for citizens who are a least 7th generations or more is for the people who tell you about cola ,ss etc to organize protest to Washington not this way.

  80. …every year they say it’s tied to the 8inflation/consumer price index, whatever…all of my still working friends and family grumble about the price going up on all kinds of things. Preach it..we sure know!
    And to anybody who said they base it on the fact that gas prices have decreased…really? Are you kidding me? Hold your hands up high if you are happy to pay less for gas so you can go joy riding all day! The idiots don’t acknowledge that it’s THE PRICES ON BASICS, even generics, going up. I know I’m not the on,y one here who skips doses or splits pills…to stretch the month. Good thing you can put almost anything in ramen noodles, yum yum.

  81. I was not asking for anything i was just making a statement. I have spent my life paying taxes. Like many others so sow that . I have paid my own way i was just saying shit happens to hard working people to.

  82. You folks just sit around and whine. Whine, whine, whine. A few of you have the right idea. We need to organize. Unite you bunch of poor bastards. I agree with all of you, but we can do better. We need a leader to lead us. No not this senior citizen rag magazine that sales insurance. All they want to do is make money. Who can lead us?Surely someone reading these comments can do it. We need to march on Washington in mass and stop traffic for a week of so. Promise to do the same thing every three months or so. Then we would get some attention. Disrupt Congress or something like that. We can’t go alone depending on other people. We have to do it ourselves. If we put 1,000,000 old people in Washington and walked out onto the roads. What a mess that would be. Load up the buses and let’s go. United we stand……divided we fall. Pray for us all, dear Lord please help us.

  83. People to day beat the system that can work. That one problem i know a man that gets about 40.000.00 a year from disability and plays golf 3 days a week and these stores that buys peoples food stamps for a fee hell i got to go back to work next year got to do what you got to do

  84. No one gets $40,000 per year in SSDI. The max per month is 1,700. I know one person who gets that and he used to make $80,000 a year. The max of $1,700 per month gives you $20,400 max. There is also very little fraud in SSDI. If this guy is getting $40,000 per year he has private disability insurance or possibly private disability insurance plus SSDI. Food stamps don’t exist anymore, you get a benefits card. People can still sell the food that they get with it or sell its use. They did put the card in place to reduce fraud though. “I know a guy” isn’t data – it’s an anecdote.

  85. Than I’m the second person , I get $1703 , per month , I was disable at the age of 49 , I’m 56 . While it’s true I earned high salaries over the year, it’s nothing compared to what you mention . I worked all my life , over 30 years. The highest salary I ever earned was $60,000 and that was at my late stages of my work history. Also my friend, read up a little on society security pay-outs. As of 2015 , the highest amount payed out , whether it’s SSDI or retirement is $2663.00 per month. Please look it up . Thank you , Sincerely oh Ps my first check on SSDI was $1479″in 2010 , it took me 5 years to reach $1703

  86. I looked up SSDI. I’m not even going to try to figure out regular social security. Don’t know if there is a ceiling there. I think I explained it wrong also. The max amount you can start out with is 1700 a month, but you can still get COLA increases on top of that, so there will be some people who get more than 1700 – but they didn’t start at more than 1700. 40,000 is 3,333 per month. I don’t know how long a person would theoretically have to live to get to 3,333 from 1,700 but I am sure I won’t make it there. Hope that makes more sense.

  87. If someone is claiming they draw 40k on SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), let’s all have some of what he’s smoking! There is a ceiling, Freddie, and I think it’s about what you mentioned. Some people work to stay under what SS will start touching, but it sounds like either this guy has several disabled kids, or more likely, had a hefty workers comp settlement, and was enough % disabled to “qualify” , for SSDI and draw lifetime permanent disability as well. I worked in social services for 18 yrs after 15 running a fast food restaurant, and I don’t even hit the 1700 mark….several hundred away…but they don’t pay you to work with people! The EBT card was supposed to decrease fraud, but I myself had to be on FS several months….nobody ever asked for I.D. And you can buy coffee but not filters? No toilet paper? That’s messed up….but that’s a whole ‘nother topic!

  88. You can’t buy filters and toilet paper because they are not food. Never have been able to. What’s really bad is now many individual states are attempting to put often bizarre restrictions on what food items can and can’t be purchased with food stamps. Like restricting people from buying ketchup, spices, steak, all kinds of often random or contradictory items.

  89. Musicman you fat piece of shit one day you something will happen to you and you will be on the other end of the shit stick you old fart and you will wish you kept your old fat mouth shut. No one wants to be on disability as you have barely any money to survive. Also you sound like a stupid puppet that does what he is told and worked your miserable life away like the schmuck that you are. Not everyone is that stupid and not everyone has such a worthless life that they want to work it away to make some fat people more rich. So STFU you tool. You probably was a garbage man your whole life.

  90. People , I don’t think it’s very nice to attack anyone in a harsh matter in this post. This is supposed to be a post to voice your opinions and views. Not too attack or harness anyone’s views or situations. If you must say something against a person post , do it without the cussing, it’s in bad tastes. And if you think about it, would you like to be attacked in such a deplorable way ?

  91. I am a 80 year old widow and my husband died when I was 48. So without additional monthly income coming in it is hard to get by on social security alone. Each year my mobile home rates increase along with water, sewer and garbage costs that are included in the monthly rate.
    All of us seniors deserve a COLA increase each year to at least try a little to maintain the higher living costs.
    If you have money to send to foreign countries then it is time to help those who have been born here.

  92. I’m disturbed by the amount of people who don’t understand how COLA works. Zach explains it in his post. It isn’t something that is given (or taken away) by Obama or any other President. The laws on it are laid out and have been for decades. If we want change, we need to organize, lobby to our legislators, make sure they understand Social Security is important (and don’t vote for people who want to cut it by 20%) and have them propose laws to strengthen and protect it. Join the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare – http://www.ncpssm.org/ You can join for as little as $12 a year. That’s $1 a month.

  93. Freddie, from the SS site: “The maximum benefit depends on the age you retire. For example, if you retire at full retirement age in 2015, your maximum benefit would be $2,663. However, if you retire at age 62 in 2015, your maximum benefit would be $2,025. If you retire at age 70 in 2015, your maximum benefit would be $3,501.”

    BUT that is Social Security RETIREMENT…disability the max starting amount remains 1700….

  94. So…my rent has gone up as of November. Food prices are through the roof. And I paid into the system without a complaint for 35 years…but no Cost of Living Adjustment in an Election Year. Are they STUPID?

  95. Listens my friends, I’m not here to debate anyone here , I notice in his post that certain people have this insatiable urge to either correct you or one up you . Jesus, it’s not a game show here. If you have wonderful data, fine ; I can don’t the ” I don’t you so , Crap “

  96. Kelly, you need to stop with your figures my friend, we are all educated people here. Stop trying to be smarter than what you let on to be . The simple fact here that we all face is that we’re not going to see a COLA increase, so we’re all in the same boat together. No disrespect here, but your analysis are beginning to borne me

  97. Freddie, you asked me to look it up and I did so. If that bores you, I guess don’t ask. It isn’t an analysis. It’s data from the SS site. There isn’t anything to analyze there.

  98. And one more thing Kelley, weather it’d retirement or disability, your amt. is base on your work history, it’s call work credits and its devise on a 10 year max and quarter credits per year , so weather you apply for disability or RETIREMENT!!! . It’s all base on the same formulation.

  99. i NEVER ASKED YOU FOR ANYTHING, Pal. look up past posts, and see if i asked you personally for infor. I can look up for any information myself. I just think you like to let others know how smart you are. That’s all, No biggie

  100. Yes, but the amounts are not the same unfortunately. If you look they try to keep people working until 70 years old to get that max. That’s great if your health holds out and you are doing something you are physically capable of doing. I’d imagine most people aren’t able to keep working until 70 for one of those two reasons. So maybe if I could have kept working until 70 I could get over $3k per month, but I was disabled at 40 so I get around $1400 per month, and apparently it won’t go up any this year either.

  101. I’m done here. I’m not going back and fourth with the likes of you or anyone. Those are just games to get a respond to go back and fourth. Not going to play those games , you won’t get anymore responds from me.

  102. I see figures of incomes of $840 $1500 $1700 $2400. Man it must be nice. My is much less than that. Try $733 month and pay rent and utilities and co pays and food (only get $30 in food stamps because 3 months ago the government said my $45 was too much) I need my car for transportation and I MUST keep insurance on it. I have no help from anyone.

  103. Kelley…thank you for pointing that out….I presumed it was still the same formulation they use to factor your social security, I’m in your boat so I haven’t gotten a statement in years. However, they clearly had diff amounts for retiring now on social selcurity disability INSURANCE(emphasis intended as that is the true and correct word..not income. SSI=supplemental security income)so yes, we have paid Into a govt insurance program which was intended for what the majority of us have…”an incurable condition; no improvement expected. ” one figure was if you stopped work immediately due to inability to work, using your present figures…the other two are normal retirement age(curiously , expecting your income will rise…) third figure, if you work til you keel over, you can draw the most!

  104. 5 years ago my husband was rear ended at a red light by 2 punks (hit and run) that has left him partially disabled. I was already on SSD due to a genetic lung disease. We both worked hard while raising 4 kids and although not make a whole lot of money really didn’t want for that much. Although we didn’t have the latest car or big screen TV or that fancy vacation we managed. Now with our world turned upside down we are trying to live on $2900 (It took 2 years for me and 3 years for my husband to qualify, it’s not that easy to qualify, trust me), a month less $230 the government takes out for our Part A/B and the $54 each we pay each to our HMO monthly. Now our prescriptions are almost $400 a month. Dr. co-pay either $10 for primary, $40 for specialist and that is at least twice a month for both of us. Outpatient services like MRI or cat scan $250 upfront. We need a car (not to terrific public transportation) so we have upkeep on car plus insurance. Now I am not even going into rent, food or utilities. I live in a red/right to work state (sorry but we are Dems but it never happens, they never get elected), where nothing gets done or famous quote “It’s always been done that way”. I have applied for every kind of program available for help but get told THE KICKER = WE MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY TO QUALIFY. So even if we get 2% COLA that would be roughly $58 between my husband and I and that wouldn’t cover our rent increase or utility increase and that would put us in an even (BIG JOKE) higher bracket for any help. And we still do not know if they are going to raise our Part A/B for 2016. Now this is were I get pissed. They say what about our kids futures down the road. Well we taught our kids to be thrifty and responsible and take action now and learn from us. SOOOO……. I do not give a shit about down the road I/WE need help now….at the rate SSD and SSI is going (especially if the GOP want to privatize) there will not be a down the road for a hell of a lot of us. Stop this Republican congress now. Between the war on women’s health, vets, student’s debt and poor people in general they are a joke. So all you elected fools with your mendacity on representing your constituents, food banks are not a bank$$$$ you can’t pay (swipe) your lot rent with a food stamp card. And by the way, we are not white trash (people automatically assume when you say lot rent) its a senior park for all you haters. I feel compassion for people where we live, living on less than we do (people of our generation do not whine, in fact we rarely ever tell our neighbors how we really are…yes it’s generational) and I am so very fortunate to have my kids, Sorry for ranting but man it feels good to vent.

  105. I have read most of the posts here and am shaking my head at some of them. I am 54 years young and started working at age 14, not because I had to, but I wanted to make my own money. I got married at 18, divorced at 20 and raised my son with very little govt. assistance. I did the food stamps and Medicaid and even money from welfare. We lived on $2300 for an entire year back in the early 80’s during “Reaganomics”. I graduated from business school as a secretary. No jobs to be had. Everyone wanted experience, but I had none, so I never was able to be a secretary. I started working in a group home with developmentally challenged folks in 1984. It barely paid more than minimum wage. When I started to make $4.00 per hour, I was cut off of my food stamps and Medicaid. I was told I could reapply. I chose not to. I worked 80, sometimes more, hours per week for 17 years to raise my son, with very little help from my ex-husband. I hurt my back numerous times, caring for others. Finally, in August of 2010, I fell while attempting to keep a gentleman from falling and that was it. My back could not take anymore. I have been on SSDI since February of 2012.
    I HATE being on disability! I am bored, depressed, have other medical issues now and every day turns into a blur. Like someone else pointed out, I could work part time to supplement my SSDI, but no one will hire a 54 year old person as it is, let alone a disabled one. I am not computer literate, cannot stand for long. If anyone could tell me what type of job I can do, it would be greatly appreciated. I want to go back to school, but I make too much money $1730 before Medicare is taken out of my check. None of my jobs had a pension plan, 501K or anything else. Now I am stuck living in my parents old house in Northern Michigan where there is no work. I could benefit from physical therapy, but cannot afford it.
    We, the disabled and retirees are “obsolete”. We don’t matter to our country, since, we are not “productive” citizens. The insurance companies want to fight to keep us sick so they can make a profit at our expense. “Take a pill for this and now you need a pill because you are taking the other pill”. Then down the road, “Class action lawsuit” because of the pills you took. It’s all a vicious cycle and you better believe our govt. has their hands in the back pockets of Big Pharma. Bush senior helped to push Monsanto into the picture with the GMO foods. Bush Jr. gave Monsanto a copyright for seeds! All of our food is “Frankenfood”. Even the farmers have to buy their seeds from Monsanto! They cannot even use their seeds from last years crops. They have to buy seeds every time they plant. The statistics show how much sicker the US citizens are since we started consuming this “Frankenfood”. And guess what? Monsanto and the White House, only serves organic food in their cafeterias.
    If any one of you think that our govt. “cares” about us, you are sadly mistaken! The only man that actually wants to even the playing field and make labeling of GMO food mandatory, is Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont. Yes, he is considered a “socialist”, yes, he is Jewish. Yes, he has been in the senate for many years. No, he is not a millionaire like the rest of the house. But if you don’t think we are already living in a socialist country, you better do your research.
    I agree there is power in numbers. A march on Washington would be great! Who is going to pay my expenses to get there? I have a car that can fit 5 adults. No gas money. I could pack some food to eat. I have a 2 man tent I could sleep in. The AARP is a joke. I Believe, Bernie Sanders is our only hope. He wants to send our kids to a 4 year college for free, not to war to die. There is a “storm coming” and it is not going to be good. The US citizens are going to rise up against the govt. There IS going to be another war in this country. It is inevitable. I just pray that will not be here when it happens. But, I predict, and I hope I am wrong, that it will happen within the next 15 years.
    I have tried to help to unite people against Monsanto. The “sheeple” don’t care what is in their food. I have tried to tell folks that there are “natural” alternatives to taking prescribed medications. “If my doctor gave it to me, it has to be ok”, Wake up! We are the ONLY country that profits from healthcare! How can WE make a difference when WE are too sick! They have us by our “short and curlies” and most folks believe that they can’t make a difference. “I don’t want to get involved”. For Gods sake, GET INVOLVED! If anyone has a suggestion on what we, the disabled, elderly, poor, “obsolete” people can do, let’s unite and try to make the changes this country so desperately need!

  106. Wow, I’m reading this post , and And just wondering how far down the line it can go before it collapses with all the self- pity comments . People listen up. Unfortunately, nobody cares about you . Nobody wants to hear about your problems because they have problems of their own. Don’t wallow in self-pity. Most of you folks can’t work, I understand that, but talking about how much is this or why I can’t get food stamps or little or no government help will not make your situation any better, the answer, I don’t have an answer and I neither does your so call ” caring political savior in your home state or Washington, because if they had the answers to all of your problems, than they would be out of a job. ,!!! So while you wait for your 1.3 % cola, tighten your belts, cut your prescription pills in half , get a government phone.( track phone or assurance) , look for food lines, ask your churches for help, shop at the Salvation Army, ask the Red Cross for help, sell anything that you have no longer any use for, and really look at yourselves and really look and see if you really really need that big house, because at the end of the day, folks nobody cares.

  107. I’m pleased to hear some of these comments. Especially the last one about Monsanto. I’ve known and lived this BS for the past 20 years. Now with the internet, know their are healthy alternatives to pills, IF you can afford them. SO many, most, could be well, productive, but the phrama companies want you disabled and complacent. I am too weak to fight in a war. The war machine in iraq or wheretf ever that took trillions could have taken care of all americans for the rest of our lives. USA meeds to oay all citizens a minimum of 2k a month, if not more. lease, release the stress off the backs of the disabled, elderly, poor, suffering. .they get off nragging about their vacations on facebook, posting oics of their tropical, neaches and checking in at their restaurants, while we cqnt even afford toilet paper. F them! More and more are waking up to this. I just commenting to lwt you know, one more is aake and how many others who just dint say anything, like I usuallly do?! Watch out richies. We are coming for you and your greed! Its time to equal the balance, time for justice, time for everyone to have a decent life in the supposed greatest country in the world! UNITEd states(of mind) america. Lets UNITE!

  108. cheap usa government. my name is sUSAn and ive NEVER been one to be or buy cheap. so how come my namesake country is too cheap to pay each and every citizen a minimum of 2k a minth for their entire lifetimes but can oay other countries trillions. there are 320 million american. 2000 a month is 24000 a year, not enough, but 240000 ebety ten years, if a person lives to be 100 thats 2.4 million or rounding up 3 million per Us citizen for a lifetime times 320 million is NOT EVEN a billion dollars! hest we can spenf TRILLIONS on afganestan iraq isarel wherever, this is cheap embarrassing BS that we are being syressed out, suffwred and used as science experiments. all healthcare should be CASH free. meaning ebetyone should be given the cash to yake qherever they want until they are wll, if they wanna see. a witch doctor a surgeon whatever. and while im at it double that amount to 4k a month. how dare you insult me with paying me $733 a month ssi amd expect me to suffer through my many disabilities when i know damn well there are anwsers to my problems but i cant afford them so i consider suicide. how DARE the greed mongerers do this to US!

  109. If we the people on Social Security don’t get a COLA raise for 2016. Then the Government people in office and there workers don’t need a raise for 2016. They give their self big raises like $10,000.00 a year but we don’t get to vote on it. They get to eat very well. Then you take use we have to live from hand to mouth and end up with lots of health problems because we can’t buy the right foods to eat. I think the voters should be able to vote if they get a raise or not. Because some of those people in office is not worth what they are getting a year in pay.

  110. We had a Medicare Advantage plan that costs us nothing but the part A and part B amounts we paid for out of our SS funds. Now for 2016, we are going to have to pay $19.00/month each for my wife and myself to maintain this policy. It has increased some charges such as co-pays and decreased some benefits such as over the counter drugs. How can a reasonable person figure we don’t need a COLA raise with all the other aforementioned items going UP??

  111. Laurin,

    It’s not that anyone thinks we should or should not get a COLA. It is the way the law is written whether we get one and if so how much. If we want to change this we have to get politically active and get our representatives to write legislation changing that. It is the only way it will change.

  112. Good time kid……just an FYI;0: most of us on here prob already follow your suggestions..we go without/pill split/ etc ….I have seen both safter working yrs in child welfare, the next 7 in ta for/food stamps…there is a sweet lil govt ripple “it’s not deserving; it’s who’s eliginble. Some of us talking anout the the fact that fine..no cola..can anything be done to keep my supplemental plan from increasing, hence I’m going backwards? Last year I dropped. Y dental, the yr before, my life insurance. There outa be a law for that.you sign up for a hopefully reliable used car, you’d like to know your income isn’t going down, at least..i think those of us who have to privately pay for our secondary insurance should have protection in place to keep our income relatively the same.
    PS the resources you suggest are nice,,if they only existed and really helped people. I saw disgusting prejudice by these agencies, whom thought it was a wast to help many of outpr clients. Thank goodness I had an approach of “for the pe Grace of God…” I surely didn’t request multiple sclerosis on the prime of my life! The frontline drugs are $5800 a month injections. I cannot afford my 300 copayment every month, so I do the, every other day, etc. I hurt for those with similar conditions who cannot afford the co-payment, even if they have insurance. Big fancy house? Uh, no…..I lost small simple house in another nice govt move—foreclosure. Try a 2 bed apt which has already been broken into twice. Please try not yto be judgemental.

  113. If we the people receiving social security are having trouble trying to pay for our Doctor’s copayments then why are the co-payments going up if we are not going to receive an increase in 2016. Annual Part D deductibles are in favor of plan not member. AND WE ARE NOT GETTING A COLA INCREASE. WHAT A SHAME. WE WORKED ALL OF OUR LIVES FOR THIS.

  114. Just remember this:Our politicians are ONLY out to stuff their own
    pockets! Before Elections they promise us the Moon but once elected
    you’re on your own.Complain all you want,but nobody will listen
    to your legitimate reason for doing so.Senators and Reps. make
    more and more Laws that are either unenforceable or totally ignored by both the Public,Law Enforcement,the Courts and the
    General Public and you expect a COLA for 2016? the only COLA
    we’ll get is COCA (Cola) if you can afford it!!!

  115. I’m baffled with these comments of: “maximum SSDI of $1700/month”. I can guarantee that I’m a “nobody” in the eyes of the government, and worked for 20 years when diagnosed with MS. I changed occupations and was able to work another 15 when I filed for SSDI in 2012. My annual SS statement clearly showed right on it that “if you became disabled right now, your payment would be about – $1971 a month”. When I could no longer work, I filed and was approved in 30 days…at exactly $1971/month, exactly as stated. After some very meager COLA’s in ’13, ’14, & ’15 and even after the Medicare deduction started for me last fall, I’m just under $2000/month. Again, I know no one, nor am I “anyone”, just 60 year old disabled citizen.

  116. I worked for 37 years got the government designing information systems and got nothing but Social Security and what I was able to save. But those who worked along side of me who were government employed retire with 50-60 percent of their base salary. If it was for 2 democrats who decided that Social Security be taken of a special account and put into the Generdl Fund and in some cases taxed. We also pay more than social security, which also depleted the funds then there would be more money svdildble. And whoever say the Nudhes took money out to Kay for a war, should learn their facts before opening their mouth!

  117. Wow, Russ, that is a lot and being approved in 30 days is like the speed of light – I know people who have waited years…8 years or even more to be approved. I am looking now and seeing different max amounts and I can’t find where I found the info on the social security site so I am about to give up on that I am seeing average award amount of 1,165. So that amount I gave is apparently completely bogus and I wish I had posted a link to it. And Fred, I may go down but if so I’ll go down swinging and not sitting around complaining.

  118. To Judi and all the rest while I understand your feelings I wasn’t trying to be a tough guy I wanted you to understand that we are in a very tough situation and that we have to be strong . I know that you all know what has to be done in order to have some resemblance of a decent life. While i do admit I don’t need an cola increase, because i have a wonderful wife, who pays for our healthcare insurance, car insurance and others stuff, I do sympathize greatly because we still had to cut back quite a bit and I don’t ask my wife for anything extra because I know she has more than enough on her plate. I feel for all and I wish to God there was an agency that was specially made for folks on SSDI/ Ret. we have to be tough

  119. The problem with how the COLA is figured is it is the average of the price of goods and services. But not everyone buys the same stuff, or lives in a low cost of living area.
    I use the bus to get around so the price of gasoline going down does not help me. Business knows when we get an increase and they raise the price of goods. We received a 1.7% COLA in 2015. On Jan 3rd 2015 I went to Sam’s Club and the price of milk, eggs, bacon, coffee and bread were all up. My $27 monthly increase has been has not kept up with my food budget, I am now spending about $75 more per month on food for two people.
    I got rid of cable TV in Oct 2014 to save $76 per month.
    In the last 20 years my income has gone up 45%. Food up 100% to 200% depending what you buy. New cars up 160%, My rent up 86%. Medical costs way up. The only way most families have maintained the illusion of a middle class standard of living is credit. I am just glad I will be getting Social Security in two more years, then my total income will be higher than it has ever been.

  120. hello America I am born with disabilities.i know that our GOV are a bunch of big fat liars in theirs pants they don’t care about us at all they care about is themselves.they should be in Jail for lying to all American peoples just like Jesse Ventura said also bunch of Republcan don’t no rich millionaire billionaire and trillionaire to pay no taxes that the problem they won’t let them pay fair share that why our Gov is a bunch of coward screwballs Arrogent Loser and the money been going to the war in the middle east we are over there fighting we should not go into this war it waste our money that another thing republican want it stupid we should stay the f—k out of there.we need to worry about this country cause we are gonna be at the bottom that mean Gov and Congress Speaker is so dumb getting rid of our defense that we need to defebse this country we got lucky this past july 4th the Russian send theirs big battle ship in Alaska off our California coast east coast and up in new York the ship commander call Obama on the phone and said happy 4th of july Obama you know that are near usa coast and we can blow your A” up that was very scary now you all know why our country is mess up thanks to bush and Obama and the gov plus congress at Capital hill put this America in a dangerous Risk and taking our money when us poor disabled peoples who need it way more them those dumb clown head all they got is a very hard stone cold bloody heart they all out to be a big shame of thereself. now Disneyland raise theirs themes park rides prices hikes for children at age 3 and up cost is $1,040/00 for a pass can you beleive that price who want to pay that much not me hell no.. this country is in a big mess it never gonna changes.you know I want more money on mu ssa check cause I am trying to move out of this county of San Bernardino it not safe I need at least $3,800.00 to live back to my hometown in Simi Valley the rent there not cheap it very high rent price.i don’t drive cause my left eyes is legally blind I have 1 kidney and I’m deaf in my right ear wearing a hearing aid not the best kind it suck. when I was 14 yeas old teenagers I was in a camarioll state hospital I was a skinny teen weight 105pound kid can’t defense my self I got near beaten to death almost lost my life this man is a night watch staff he beat the bloody crap out of me for no reason I was mad at the kid at the cafeataria throwning food at me try to get my attention to do a food fight or start a fist fight I walk off went to my room to chills out then this big redhead cowboy nightwatch staff told me to get out of my I told him to leave me alone he wouldn’t then he walk up and put his forearm around my neck try to choke me down I try to get him off of me I grab where it can hurt him to piss him off them throw me down on a hard ground floor that have no carpet then he got on top of me turn my head to my right eyes where my eyesbow is and bang my head to a hard floor real close and I was out cold in a coma he kept on going for like 5 min then he stop try to get me to answer him I couldn’t I was almost dead I went to heaven and saw a bright golden gate and saw Jesus he told me that it not my time yet and I wasn’t going to die he say I will save you from him.then I start coming around told him to stop and I lost a bunch of gallon of blood I got almost 2 stitches in my right upper corner of my eyes. this back in 1983;84 I wanted to file a Lawsuit my parent wanted my moneyi told them hell no not what you did to me that my parent told lie to the judge that my mom let her fat boyfriend slap me in the face I was 11 and 1/2 year old he took a short cut and cheap shot me. so year goes by I try to ask for help to get a lawsuit against the man and the company I want to sue them for $500 millions dollars so no one help me all those years it too late now see it like the gov don’t care about our social security money raise something is not right in this America…thank you GOD Bless you all good America peoples that are Disabled Disabilities..Jesus is Lord…Amen

  121. Russ,
    You, having MS like I do, weren’t likely on this thing called a “grid”when determining eligibility. I hired an atty, and was approved;first time anyway, because they don’t re-“run MRI of brain, or ,spinal taps..it’s indisputable evidence. But we don’t get that first “6 months…so while people think we must have got a huge back award, I did not. But paying cobra on medical is a real kick…after their own letter acknowledges you have a condition which is incurable, not likely to improve and–hold on now–“could result in death)!? As all life eventually does. The price of gas is down, but imtefuse to feel guilty…but the fat cat energy companies here in Oklahoma laying off right and left…why don’t you give up the corporate jet and pay people instead of destroying more lives…it.s the saddest . Really. Haven’t hit 2 k on my Ssdi…here’s hoping I might before I die…

  122. Amazing how they can serve illegals and give SS to others and yet people who live in this country get screwed yet again.. Perhaps the people in congress should reduce their pay to $15,000.00 and let their wives or husbands work while they are in Washington SCREWING the American people. They make me sick….

  123. I am on a lease where I live Which means that every year your rent goes up, never understood that but that’s how it is, if you don’t have least you take a chance on a bad part of town you live in and Food is just outrageous $149 a month doesn’t buy much, have to rely on going to Food Banks…

  124. I am recipient of ssi due to a injury I received while working full time hours while in college full time. I have s house hold of 2 me and my husband and I have been struggling on 708 a month. This is ridiculous no one asks to not be able to work. My hubby is fighting for his ssdi from multiple injuries. So until that happens I am forced to do with the little bit I get. Yes I get snap but I do without a lot that does not purchase to soaps cleaners or anything else. So why can’t any of the politicians live in one of our lives and see what it feels like.

  125. This will be the third year since Obama took office that we get no COLA! I don’t know about the rest of you but in the past 2 years my mortgage alone has gone up $100/month. It’s not taxes but INSURANCE that caused the increase. ARE THEY CRAZY? I’ll bet congress gets a hefty raise. What else do I have to start doing without?

  126. I keep seeing people saying Obama this and Obama that! Here is a clue: Obama does NOT SET COLA. He has ZERO to do with it. It is controlled by law in CONGRESS. Only CONGRESS can change it, so if you want to put the blame on some one, pull your head out and look at CONGRESS!!

  127. Yes, Congress, and vote people in who will change the way COLA is calculated. That’s the only way we will ever accomplish anything. Blaming Obama or whoever the next President may be accomplishes exactly nothing.

  128. It is a shame that people in the Government can get a raise but we can’t get cola thanks to OBAMA. Even the military getting a screwing. I spent 20
    Years in the military and don’t get that much. Glad Iam on Tricare For Life never would be able to pay my medical bills. Thank You Congress for making us seniors suffer without cola increase.

  129. I have read most the the comments left and as usual most of the population I missing informed. The same people that elected the The majority in the House of Representatives. Are the same ones trying to place on the President. This system has been in place for years. It was designed to appear that they are balancing the budget however at the workingman expense.
    So if you want to complain complain to the want to be elected in with Joe at the Republican in the house who says that the government is to launch let’s talk about Volkswagen. As they have said for years that companies do not meet regulation Ha ha ha volkswagon BP as a great policy.
    And before you delete your hateful comments to me last compare Carrils and notes I’m a 20 year on the vet served and three campaign I retired I have worked in the civilian sector for the last 20 years. I have two bad knees bad right ankle bad back and I’ll book and we all received in the military protecting this country so I know what it is to sacrifice. Always remember what’s good for all is good for one remember that and you never go wrong

  130. It has nothing to do with Obama. The method of determining COLA has been in place since the 1970s. It is up to us to elect better Congressmen and Senators if we want the way they determine COLA to change.

  131. “Always remember what’s good for all is good for one remember that and you never go wrong”. Great words Sam.
    To bad many do not follow your words. The CEOs who make 250-350 times what the average worker makes do not. The politicians who make $175,000 base salary while many of the people who voted for them live on $25,000 or less, do not. I have never made more than $35,000 per year, while raising 4 children, never even thought of applying for food stamps or welfare. Living on $19,644 per year, just the wife and I now, but we want for nothing. In 26 months we will start getting Social Security and will see a 66 % increase in our household income. We will travel more and help family more, but not much will change for us. Sacrifice is not know by many in today’s society, that is for someone else.
    In the last 150 years we have become the United States of, by, and for, the corporations and special interest.

  132. Why is it, that we the taxpayers suffer because our government cannot run their money the right way. They sit there talking for hours and not one sensible thing comes out of their mouths, except how much of an increase they get in their salary. I am a TRUE PATRIOT! I was raised to love and respect my country. That’s how I raised mine. But how do I teach my grandkids about a greedy govt? We live barely on nothing, take half our meds because the cost is outrageous. Yet you people live high and mighty off our taxes. I am 63 years old and for the first time in my life am ashamed of my govt. Not because of the money, but the little respect our govt. has for us. Yet you keep on supporting terroist groups and illegals. THAT’S THE REAL REASON WE GET NO RAISES!

  133. I hate this Goverment especially the president this man has sold us out he sends billions of dollars across seas to country’s that hate us also illegal aliens get better health care phones dental ect… if there was away we could unite go to washing on CNN something so we could be heard maybe it would do some good e need a revolution take our country back look at your kids and grand children Think About It

  134. I am a retired school teacher who also recives SS. I worked, and raised two wonderful children by myself because my husband died at age 38. After my kids were grown I decided to go to college. I earned my BA, and later a Masters in education. I put money away for retirement, but with the cost of living being so high I find myself taking from my savings in order to meet expenses each month. There is no way a person can live on just SS each month. I’m scarred to watch the little bit of savings disappear, I would like to see our government try to juggle their expenses like the average American. It’s no wonder why the American people want a change in our government. The people are tired of Washington as usual. The want a government that isn’t bought and paid for corporations and others. Our government has no clue what the average American goes through on a daily basis, and furthermore they
    Really don’t care as long as they can continue to fill their pockets with our hard earned money. Why do we the American people pay for their health care which is the best money can buy (our money) when millions of people can’t afford healthcare for their own families? When they do show up in congress all they do is fight among each other and get nothing done. The best part we pay for them to do it. The American people are totally fed up. Please, Please, get out to vote in the up coming presidential election and know who you are voting for. Let’s vote for people in congress are there for the good of the people and not for their own selfish reasons. Let’s all stand up as the great Americans and be heard.

  135. It’s doesn’t matter anymore for 2016 , were screw and what I hate the most is being at the mercy of these incompetent, no feeling , non- caring asswipes congressional and the sen. All they worry about is , don’t we dare cut their candy store. My mother once told me , there get there’s , maybe not in this life time , but soon. You hang in there miss. Your a better person than these fools

  136. The scum bags who makes the rule to not give seniors our cola should be fired or voted out of office. My sister lives on $1000 a month. What is the income of the scum bags who make these awful decisions. I am sick and tired of financing war since 1990 and before. Give me an increase and stop using that consumer price index to determine my COLA. It is not based in the reality we seniors live in. Don’t dare raise our insurance rates. I am am so angry I could spit.

  137. Can we work on making it a little more civil here… I hate to start moderating comments again.

    Thank you.

  138. most senators and congress men/women get $240.000 per year. perhaps we the people should cut there pay check! as for Obama he sends our money everywhere in the world except America. plus he made ten million on his books. why should we pay him at all. he just sits there with his thumb you know where. time for a 10% s.s raise so we can by food in stead of asking the church to help.

  139. I think there should be an investigation into the Soc. Sec. Fund. They are taking money from the fund and useing it elsewhere, and I don’t think this is legal. Also I think that the increases that the Senate, and Congress get should be tied in with Soc. Sec. If we don’t get a raise, neither should they !!!

  140. How does it work that the cost of living went up so much in the Seattle area that minimum wage is $15 per hour , but it somehow didn’t go up for a disabled person in the same area ? Putting our income if it was a wage at aprox 40 CENTS per hour. I pretty sure social security needs to be audited – the monies taken need to be replaced & Social security shouldn’t have to mean homeless after all the years of paying in

  141. Tamra Knauss, The Social Security trust fund has Treasury bills earning interest on all money collected. No money has been taken, that does not have an IOU, that the government pays interest on. The COLA is figured each year by law, that only Congress can change. We need to tell Congress that the way they figure inflation does not show the correct cost of living increases that we all pay.

  142. One last comment on “Maximum monthly SSDI award”. This seemed to explain it quite well:

    How much can you receive?
    For SSI, the maximum payment you can receive in 2015 is $733 per month if you’re single or $1,100 if you’re married. The amount adjusts each year as part of the Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment, and your payment would be reduced by any countable income you receive. You are also generally enrolled in Medicaid once you start receiving SSI.

    For SSDI, your payment would be based on your lifetime earnings, much like a traditional Social Security retirement benefit. The maximum current benefit amount is around $2,663 per month, and payments are adjusted as part of Social Security’s Cost of Living Adjustment. As of August 2015, the average payment was $1,165 per month to a disabled person and about $318 to that disabled person’s spouse.

    Additionally, you get automatically enrolled in Medicare parts A and B after two years of receiving SSDI payments, and you can enroll in the other parts as well.

  143. I get $1806 per month, I get $188 per month in food stamps, I get $1500 per month on my military service , I get a subsidies of $300 per month for rent, I don’t pay for my medical . I became disabled at the age of 49 , so therefore I retire from the work force. Planing baby, you start planning at an early age and so therefore you won’t hear complaining, baby. I’m not complaining oh and ps , I have a beautiful 2015 NEW SUV , and a difficult girlfriend every 6 month. Planning baby , early stage planning

  144. Hey,

    I’ve been disabled “officially” for over 23 years. It took years just to start clearing over $500/month. At $740 in 2015. There is no way I can keep waiting on my “rich uncle” to step up. Poverty sux! What part of “disabled” do any of the clowns in Washington think means: ever going to have a job again? I’m not a complainer, much. I’m just looking for a way to support myself without relying on the gov. My food stamps have been cut two or three times in the last four years, now down to $113. I buy my proteins with that, because they’re the most expensive. We don’t need no stinkin’ toilet paper! I have tried for years to make money with a computer and the internet. But I just kept getting taken by scam deals, “sell vitamins online, we have a program!” Yeah. Sure. Uh huh, right! I have on foot in bankruptcy court, one in the grave because I’m suicidal, and one toe left in hope that I might find an income before some malicious law maker re-institutes debtor prison! But hey, writing all this in here, where no-one in Washington will ever see it, made me feel so, much, better.

  145. Listen people , with all due respect , who cares about COLA for this year. It’s over . We can Yelp all we want and it will not change anything for 2016 . We have to vote these basdards out for the following year to make any real changes

  146. Agree the government has no clue what so ever how most americans have to exist,They never did a days work except how to screw legal American citizens.Why don’t the people who report about cola raises ,get protest together and march in Washington DC.Doing these web comments wont let dc know how we fee.

  147. Teresa Kenny, I have been watching politics for over 40 years, ever since my 10th grade history teacher Mr. Williams schooled me on the United States government. He was a personal friend of the Nixon family and this was during Watergate. The truth is the government does not care.

    I like what Mark Twain said, “If voting made any real difference they would not let us do it”

    It does not matter if you vote for a Dummycrat or a Ripoffagain you still get screwed. I have voted for both parties and neither has lived up to any of the promises that they say to get your vote.

    It is like wishes in one hand and crap in the other, see which one is going to fill up first.

  148. It does not matter because the people’s that put all this in motion is eating good can go by the best toilet tissue for them and they family. We that are trying to survive they do not care. I really hate not working. I’ve always very independent and it hurt me very much financial wise. But there is a God and he will make everything OK.

  149. I might not have said it but I think rep & dem are all crooks.I really don’t need the cola raise,but I feel so sorry for the people who do,esp our vets who fight & die for these greedy people.

  150. My Congressman is AWESOME. He is so awesome that the Republicans keep gerrymandering his district and he keeps winning again..and again..and again…he is ALL for the disabled, the elderly and the veterans..but he cannot do it alone..so we need to vote in more like him. For the billionth time blaming Obama is not going to do any good, it has nothing to do with him. We are all disabled or elderly so we should all be able to find a way to meet in person with our reps…it helps a lot.. Rep Lloyd Doggett is my rep, check out his voting record…

  151. I read mosted of these comments.and what Im hereing is conplanding.and I thank if we ask our self what can I do to help the saturation. but frist what do I won’t democracy. or rupeblacins.I thank it is your right to be eather one.this is where I thank you get what you won’t.but you ha’ive to unstand how they soposto to work.goverment should be run by the people who live under it. and the people rule.so less go to the pole and vote.And I allways heard can’t win the game chang the rules.and thats what going on too meny rules are being chang.donkey or elephant.don’t be a same.god made both and he is in control if we trust in him.

  152. What happened to grammar/spelling check??? I’m having a hell of a time trying to decipher through these conversations!!! Maybe if we we could write as though we were educated (even in public schools), they (Congress, Senate, President) would take us more seriously. I really believe that most of our elected officials think we are ignorant and we don’t understand the BS that they are selling us. I too receive SSDI, I count on the increases every year, and this year I am mad as hell at the possibility we are not getting the meager increase we are do. Yes I said due because I worked for 40 years when I was physically forced to retire. It was like hell exploded on earth! The cost of medical care now, astronomical!!! I don’t if anything can save the polical system in this country except JESUS. The people we elect and count on, I believe there is a demonic spirit that covers Washington, even the ones who have good intentions get corrupted and the vicious cycle starts again at election time! I’m SMH

  153. Hello, as a fellow SSDI recipient, and a long-term social worker Who was forced to retire, and yes I say forced, because I didn’t have any choice with multiple sclerosis . My lesions are primarily in my brain & affect my thoughts and decision-making, reaction time and focus etc. I think the content and not necessarily perfect grammar and spelling are what’s important . ( I spent a short time as an English major but I’m not going to play grammar police on anyone.) Most would’ve considered me to be above average intelligence at one time and I fight hard to make MS look good…. Just as many Who participate on this blog, I’m sure make whatever conditions they are dealing with look a lot easier to the general public than they really are behind closed doors. However having worked in mental health, addictions, TANF,corrections, and other programs… I applaud anyone who has the guts to speak out on forums such as this one if a subject empassions them enough to have their say . I would say few people who are on disability asked and prayed for it to happen ; we are constantly trying to encourage people to make their voices heard, and their thoughts known. I do not want to see anyone hesitate to post because they’re afraid someone will sttack how they’re saying it rather than Appreciating the content. I know particularly in leading groups it was extremely difficult to get some people to speak up when they had something to say; each of us has something to say ! Also because of my tremor I use voice assist which a lot of times can really come up with some strange things–they’re not what I said. (I venture to say that could’ve possibly happened to you if you read the sentence where you use the word do and you spell it DO in the next sentence you spell DUE ) please let’s all encourage each other to band together because we all have our crosses to bear … All I ever wanted when I went into social work was world peace and a puppy for everyone!!

  154. ANTHONY/AJ : i’m liking the end of your post. It’s like group therapy sometimes it feels better to just get it out, write it down, scream it! And while, like you said , it would seem to do no good hidden here somewhere I’m sure most of our lawmakers don’t follow… That’s how we start grassroots efforts perhaps someone can forward this blog and how many others are out there to their lawmakers. It’s no different than leaving a message with the secretary or riding your own personal letter … But the needs of the many are more likely to be heard than the needs of the one— we all know that!
    And Kelly: I would love to know what state you live in. Because I’m sure the one lawmaker that you speak of can’t get Byam self you must be in a pretty progressive state or district ? Hats off to that official !

  155. To Whom ALL this may concern,
    Please don’t take the comment about spelling/grammar that serious! That is not the issue, getting COLA for SSI, SSDI, Retirement and others who need and depend on it is. I like you was taken out of my destined life with MS and deal with the same cognitive issues as you, much compassion. I just want to understand what I read because it takes me long enough to get a decent thought going. As I stated my hope is no longer in our political or legal system because we are obviously not there concern, just their ticket to their dream. Enough is enough. Looking very serious at retiring in another country wth good medical care . Thanks you guys for listening

  156. ALW: much compassion returned it’s very difficult to deal with something people can’t put a finger on, and don’t understand when all you can babble is word salad because your brain is bouncing . I did not mean to come off like I was making a personal dig at you … I apologize if it seemed so. It was just so frustrating in my days of employment , Leading groups, to see people so afraid to speak up or to try to ride anything because they were afraid it would be imperfect. And I, like you I’m sure, get really tired of hearing that I look “fine” , Which is just an acronym for something else that we referred to in group therapy which I can’t post here so … But because I’m not ataxic other than the fact that yes I do fall and holes that aren’t there sporadically, I get tired of the luxe want to park in the handicapped spot and I just want to say “you can have my handicap Placquard it if you want to take my MS with it ” . Yet, despite my diagnosis I don’t feel like I am “crippled/sick/ nonfunctional/ etc. etc. “. Much like many who had to leave the workforce before they wanted to I’m sure. My point here is how frustrating it is time and again dealing with family even that “you don’t look like anything is wrong with you” or “I forget things too so I know how you feel”, or gotta love this one ” oh yeah, I know exactly how you feel, I get fatigued & tired out too.” And I’m sure that so many here whatever their diagnosis maybe can relate to many of these and even others I haven’t mentioned . I think it speaks to a sad situation it’s so many people, including the lawmakers, are so damn worried about somebody cheating the system and gain benefits when ” there is nothing wrong with them, and they could work like I do”. Yeah, I’d love to . But when Jane and John Doe on the street seem to have this concept of whether or not we’re deserving,( of benefits from the system we paid into No less…) And they have no concept that SSDI stands for social security disability INSURANCE then what do we expect of lawmakers, really ? Again, my apologies; I meant no direct attack . We have to stand together.

  157. How about living on $725.00 per. month!!Can’t pay my bills, Living ck. to ck. Gov. is wasting money every min. giving money to other countries, NO cola I hope they are proud of themselves!!

  158. Well we get foodstamp talking away from us get we a two dollar in are social security. And thay take five dollar from are food stamps

  159. My take home pay don’t ever take me home to small it’s not there money it the people that work for it money foodstamp are money and thay need to no how hard it is to live on it thay have food in there homes the welfare worker need to stop giving theses young kids. Money make them work jobs I had to and getting ssi

  160. It is inconceivable that the disabled and senior citizens are being denied a COLA on their social security benefits. The indez used to determine COLA”S is outdated. Individuals on fixed incomes have other expenses such as healthcare/prescription costs and other price increases. It is inconceivable that these individuals are being penalized in this manner.

  161. I saw a lot of comments on here,and there are a lot of PPL who are disabled why don’t we start a group for the disabled? Action speak’s loader than words. I would love to try to get something that is for the hard working American that became disabled. I am willing are you? If we all put our heads together I believe we can make a change together,there are power in numbers!!!

  162. A drunk driver maimed me in 2006. She fell asleep at the wheel and I ended up with 8 titanium screws and a plate in my neck.
    She refused the field sobriety test and was promptly wet free by a CT. state trooper who was smitten by this 22 year old blonde. He took her cell # and did not even write me into the report!
    Internal Affairs got to the bottom of this, and he was sent off duty WITHOUT pay for 60 days by Labor Relations. still, this did not change that she was never charged as a drunk driver.
    I had to sue myself, and even though I qualify for a disability pension from my job, since I was vested, it is still offset by SSD.
    Medicare suddenly became primary and I was 46 at the time of the BURNING crash that would forever alter my life. ANTHEM is now secondary and they pay nothing if MEDI-crap does not pay. Now I have to try and survive on a tinier check, and a higher premium sucked out of my pay.
    Gee, THANKS!
    This country better have a reality check quick.
    As people are pushed beyond the brink of unfairness and cruelty, they will get to the point of, “what do I have to lose?”, which is why all the crazy behavior is going on out there.
    WELCOME TO AMERICA. If you jump the fence or you sit on your ass and never work a day in your life, YOU WILL BE REWARDED WELL.
    Those like me, who worked since age 13, are wronged by the POLICE, get (2) corrupt attorneys, and a system that bashes those afflicted with disability, are treated like outcasts.
    We pay for those who do zero in their life.
    Welcome to America…if you give up entirely and do not try, YOU GET EVERYTHING FOR FREE.
    I am beyond livid right now.

  163. People, it’s over until next year. Hope for a better year and let’s all aim for a high COLA , I think if we try hard enough with letter writings and vote for the right person Than maybe and that’s a big maybe. We might be able to get some sort of a decent COLA for 2017 . But it won’t be easy, but than again nothing ever comes easy for us when we want what’s right. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t be struggling and suffering. But this isn’t a perfect world

  164. I don’t understand how everyone is getting a raise but we who are in social security. They are increasing Medicare premiums, which decreases social security benefits. If we don’t get a raise I fill it only fair that no government offices should get pay increases. That goes for all the houses of government especially the White House and Senate.Best thing is No one gets a pay raise .

  165. I just read on the computer that Congress and Senate will get an increase in their paycheck of $900.00 in 2016. What is wrong with this picture??? They can’t give those on Soc. Sec. a few dollars to help pay their soring bills. Cost of living keeps going higher and higher. What are we suppose do? Many people are on food stamps and hand outs, some too lazy to get off their butts and find work. Really irks me when I see illegals sucking the life out of our country and the government allows it. There are many, including myself who raised two children as a single mother and ask for no help at all. making only $140.00 a week and paying on a house.
    My dear mother stood in line all day in the hot sun to get a few handouts of food supplied by the government , called commodities .
    I think we should go back to commodities and that would solve some of our problem. I get so upset when I go to the grocery and someone in front of me has two carts of groceries and whips out food stamp. They eat better than I do and I have worked all my life. They buy shrimp, clams, steaks, pop, candy, cookies and lots of junk food. It’s no wonder our children are over weight. We sure need some new blood in the White house.
    I could go on and on.
    Enough said.

  166. Unfortunately, this kind of low talk represents the decline of American society and morality that has been happening since at least the year 2000:

    “Paul Philpot says:
    July 13, 2015 at 3:58 pm
    Hey i would like to know if youall didnt vote the half white half black into office who did you got what you a slick talking pimp daddy muslim lover at rainbow house deal with it fools”

    Sick, hateful, racist, low-life talk. This kind of stuff is shameful and embarrassing to any decent America or human.

  167. I am on ssdi now but worked as long as I could on crutches and am now stuck in and can no longer get int a car. I really need a handicap van but barely get by on ssdi. I always believed the commercials on TV. At 68 the ends do not meet and have not for the last 2 years. Obama said he was going to help the elderly. where is it?

  168. i,m on ssdi myself and when i reapplied for snap they only allowed me a LOUSY $16/mo now how in the hell can you live a month on that several friends of mine are also getting the same i wish we could ro them of their checks to see how they like living in says:

    needing help for michigan

  169. I think it is silly that we don’t get on more money then I get I only get 751 dollars a month and just 54 dollars in food stamps it is hard to make it on that

  170. Great news everyone, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have co-sponsored a bill to give us all a $580 check to make up for some of the shortfall produced by no COLA. Unfortunately right now this bill is languishing in Committee. We need to all contact our representatives and ask them to support this bill. Admin maybe you can blog about this since everyone will not see this post. http://thehill.com/policy/finance/259264-warren-sanders-team-up-on-bill-to-hike-social-security-checks

  171. Don’t hold your breath, and why should they pass it anyway. The data shows we had no inflation since 2014, lol. They have their out and they are going to use it. Just like all the votes to repeal PPACA in the house going nowhere.

  172. I’m very concerned about Social Security that I paid into the system for 45 years. Every election the powers to be elected promise to help our seniors with prescription cost, ensure social security system stays solvent as out good president Roosevelt intended the program for the hard working citizens of our country. The powers to be elected officials should be ashamed of there selves for no cost of living increase for 2016. If I was a senator I would look at the prescription cost, with the utility increases, vehicle repairs from the horrible roads, cost of food, clothing, out of control or health care cost and or insurance premiums, in addition look at big business rip offs like not paying there fair share of taxes, and this countries commitment to small businesses in our country, the leadership in Washington should be impeached. I do feel having new leadership like a President like Donald Trump would certainly get our country headed in the correct direction, like help our veterans with common sense approach, like fixing the veterans disability program who served in all wars, can you imagine waiting decades to locate my records to even start my disability compensation, and than after decades of searching the powers to be can only go back a year for compensation, where is the justice for our soldiers. Donald Trump Sir, I shall be there on election day and you have my firm vote. Our country needs a new direction and the honorable Donald Trump is just the man to do it, when he speaks people listen and believe.

  173. All I here is complaining, yes of course in todays economy is hard. I would always tell people the cost of living is going up and the chances of living is going down, that’s a fact. I’m on SSD I get paid pretty well, but all I can tell you is pay the most important bill and charge the rest of it too the GAME…..Rent / Mortgage, Electric, water, Car Insurance, Grocery, if needed Cable and if needed Car Payment. I really do have everything I need and some stuff I just want……………I’ve been blessed by Jehovah, Pray and trust Him you have nothing too lose and everything too gain.

  174. When Obama got what he wanted with the Budget he gives the UN big money for foreign countries to combat Climate change, the he also signs an executive order ging active Federal employees a 1.3 % raise. Active employees who most likely have good Federal jobs that pay well and Low Income, Seniors, Vets and Disabled can go suck a lemon. This is not right, the amount of money he is putting toward climate change can cover all the other increases. They say the reason for no COLA is because of low gas prices, but the process they follow does not cover the price of groceries which is out of this world. Congress also approved a Bill to export our oil, lets see all of a sudden the gas prices will go and they will say its because of supply in demand. Obama can then say, Hey, I just screwed the American people again, higher gass prices and no COLA and this is how I fund all my other pet projects.

  175. I never thought life could get so bad until I was injured and doctors wouldn’t approve me to go back to work. I am receiving disability and it is a fraction of the amount of money I made working. I cannot get out of a domestic violent living situation because I cannot afford a place to live now. I have asked every agency for help and can get no help. I am trapped and helpless in Oregon. The state of Oregon has “no help” for physically handicapped women in unsafe living conditions. I am educated and smart, but I cannot get my way out of this situation.

  176. I would work part time but my question is, am I truly allowed? I receive ssdi from a motorcycle crash, and wonder if working is just a gov way of stopping ss funds? Then what? Now I’m gonna have to make the same amount I did before getting hurt. And theres no way i can do that work after what happen. Its tough work beyond my ability and its the only trade i know. That leaves mcdonalds and other jobs that are impossible to survive with low pay. I suppose my cat and i would have to move into my car. Actually im to old for McDonald’s to employ me. Im early 40s single : ) Yet not old enough to work fast food places, theyre age racist. I think. Notice the ages either 15yrs old, same age I was when i worked at Wendy’s, or theyre late 20s to 32 which are definatly mannagers. Then the seniors 62 to 70s. Do you, or do you know people who work and get ssdi? If so, please post details of how it works. Forgive my spelling and punctuation, and if you hate me or something i wrote, why are you still reading? God bless

  177. JM , yes if you’re receiving SSDI it is possible to work and actually pull in both of the incomes with a certain amount allowed before they start off -setting. I don’t know what your profession is ? Mike the poster I see above you I was forced into retirement as a social worker because I have MS that affects my cognitive processing … Several people in my support group who receive SSDI work 15 to 20 hours a week and are able to supplement their SSDI . It may be posted online or you could possibly talk to someone and so security . Assuming that with your work history you are on SSDI , because I work for social services in the rules are different for people who are just on SSI . As a raft example one of my friends is a paralegal , she is on disability for a variety of conditions that added together , and she works 20 hours a week for seven dollars an hour . That’s right underneath the threshold of where Social Security starts to count one dollar off set for every two dollars you make I believe . Someone else here reading this might know or might currently be in the situation. I know that it did not make her Medicare premium increase, and I do believe she actually gets the tax credit because she gets back more then she paysanne and I know that’s federal that’s not for the state. Honestly, she just made sure that she was under the amount before they would touch anything for an offset and then she just were submits both of her statements for taxes. I’m sorry I’m not able to explain things clearly and concisely but I know what it’s like to be scrambling. With no cola increase in finding that out that big Pharma is jacking up copayments on everything. Plus my supplemental plan is changing over to be managed by a different company and I have prior authorizations on four of my medications that have to be redone again. It’s like good grief people you want me to prove that I’m disabled? Bless you and best of luck !

  178. I’ve heard no COLA for 2016 due to lower gasoline prices ?
    is this a joke ? have they taken a look at ” food COSTS ,

  179. Gary,

    Zach did a good job of explaining it up there. It isn’t tied to any one item like food or gas prices. It is tied to the CPI-W. If we want that to change we need to make our voices heard in Washington. Also Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have introduced a bill for us all to get an extra $580 check to make up some of the shortfall. We should all be supporting that.

  180. JM,

    Yes you are allowed to work and be on SSDI. I’m not sure where the $7 an hour thing came from. I make 12.75 an hour and work 20 hours a week. There are a number of steps – there is a 6 month trial work period during which you can make as much as you want. After that you can make up to a certain amount per month. For 2016 it is $1,130 per month assuming you aren’t blind – if you are blind you can make quite a bit more. If you go over that even by $1,, you will lose your whole SSDI benefit for that month. There’s lots of info about this on the Social Security page. Also you have to tell them when you start work – they will call you in and go over all this with you, at least that is what they did for me.
    Here’s the info: https://www.socialsecurity.gov/oact/cola/sga.html

    If you are on SSI it is much worse. They are very strict – you are even supposed to report birthday presents of cash so they can take that out of your check.

  181. Most of you who vote republican already know that the republican party is for BIG business. The democrats DO try to help people. Look what Reagan did to the Air Traffic controllers…that started all this mess. Many,many businesses then started threatening their employees with “take a pay cut,or loss your job”……The veterans have suffered greatly when the republicans control the house and senate too….
    So, if you are a family or single and earning less that $55 thousand a year, voting republican isn’t going to help you get all. Get you head out of your tails and realize that complaining like this on a website isn’t doing you any good. Start complaining by either emailing or writing or calling your senators, congressman state reps, etc.
    Why are we allowing these legislators raises ? WHY ? Why are they getting the very best of health care when we have to struggle with copays on SSDI ? Remember in the 90’s when if you had a med-gap coverage along with Medicare you HAD no CO-PAY ? Remember when you got 2 COLA raises per year ?
    We need to start fighting…….

  182. What has BHO Bozo done for the military or veterans in 7 years, NOTHING! He knew about the problems with the VA when he was a senator.

    I have been watching politics for over 40 years and it does not matter if you vote for a Dummycrat or a Ripoffagain, you still get screwed. And I have voted for both and nothing has changed.
    No politician at the state or federal level has ever done one thing to make my life better. They have done plenty to make it worse.

    The Ds did a great job for us in the 90s when they passed the telecommunications bill that allows for high fees and unbelievable contract termination fees. NOT!

    Both parties are bought and paid shills of the corporations and special interest groups that hand over millions every election cycle.

    Mark Twain – “If voting made any real difference they would not let us do it”

  183. Got a kick out of all the divided comments here, , like the “Blame republicans,etc, etc,
    for the last 7+years the dems have run the ‘show’ with mr.flexible ,with his exec orders at the top ,
    Y’all still do not get it……
    Doesn’t matter who, or what “party” is “IN”…
    DC is THE top consumer of HI buck wines,liquors, food,etc .
    Ferrari , Maserati ,Lamborghini , Alfa Romeo ALL complain of not being able to make ANY money from financing auto loans for thier super-expensive cars in DC …..all the political parasites PAY CASH for them….
    There is only ONE “Party” in DC , the one WE the People pay for year after year like fools , while the parasites laugh all the way to the bank .
    They all ride the gravy train & once in; get thier deadbeat relatives on the payroll
    Don’t think so?
    Do some research & see how many longtime hacks have relatives in every capacity & position available
    There are two partys ; the Haves & Have Nots; those “IN” & the Rest…….

  184. folks, I just read in the papers that our gov. Our beloved gov, gave 25 3rd world nations, and some 1st, world nation, foreign aid received in millions of dollars with a total in 2015 over 98 million dollars !!!!! With Asia getting the most , $32,970.54, what the hell is going on. They call it ” Official Development Assistance ” (ODA ), THIS IS TOTALLY BULLCRAP, WHY, why why !!!!!!!, Take care of your own ,RIGHT HERE IN THE GOOD OLD USA!!!!!!! , WHY DON’T OUR GOVERNMENT ( ODA ) , THEIR ASSES TO HELP US, what a little cola is going to kill them, i bet all that money goes into the pockets of Corruption Dictatorship. Yea, keep blowing our money away, wait until our beloved governments needs a hand out from one of these countries, i bet they will just laugh in our faces and yell “SUCKERS “

  185. S😠What are u guys complaining about? Arizona only feeds moms who keep having babies I only get $753 a month of ssd and $16 sixteen dollars in foodstamp I wish I could eat shrimp and get Greek yogurts and good freakend salad I get depressed I hate what I have to eat I need to buy glasses I need to pay some pills u don’t get crap out hear. I wish I never left NYC and the rent would’ve been the same!!

  186. I hate when I’m pmsing and I can’t eat good in Arizona they give out old food in the Foodbanks rotten food I get depress here wish I never left NYC the only ones that eat good are the mothers and they probably have men who make more money than people on ssd

  187. People on SNAP don’t buy their food. We buy it for them, so please never say I purchased our food, if you’re on Food Stamps.

  188. For the record you’re not going to get $2300 a month, if you were a minimum wage earner all of your life even, if you retire at the age of 70. You had to be earning a good wage and I mean a very high income. I only get $1650, so as you can see I wasn’t a high wage earner either, but my pension of almost the same as my social security helps me out.

  189. People you need to have a home paid for before you retire, so you won’t have to be paying rent to anyone. That’s extra money in your wallets, so make sure you are mortgage free before getting that social security unless you have a pension to add to your social security.

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