Judge Rotenberg Center Student Reveals Why School Used Electric Shock Torture On Them

The Judge Rotenberg Center, a special education school in Canton Massachusetts that has a history of being extremely abusive to students with disabilities.  One former student reveals the behaviors that resulted in him getting electric shock torture on them.  

judge rotenberg center electric shock torture


Reasons for Electro Shock Abuse at Judge Rotenberg Center

Thanks to a former student that posted his behavior sheet from the Judge Rotenberg Center online we can see the behaviors that would result in a ‘GED-4’ which would be the application of electric shock torture.  These behaviors include:

  • Being out of seat without permission
  • removing seat belt without permission
  • picking scabs
  • shaking head
  • repetitive hand movements in front of face

If you ask me no behavior of a child should result in the video below and this isn’t education, this isn’t anything other than pure torture and it is inexcusable.  The power is 10 times the amount of power a stun gun would deliver, would burn the flesh of students and cause students to be in a catatonic state.

Even the United Nations is calling the ‘treatment’ that the school puts students through torture.


This ‘treatment’ is clearly torture and must be stopped.




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  1. 2016 and the torture of disabled children by the Sadists of JRC happens 24 hours a day. The U.N. condemned these illegally modified shock packs that burn these mental babies with 2nd and 3d degree burns. The Judge Rotenberg Center defended this by saying it didn’t hurt badly enough. They enjoy making these poor children suffer. JRC starves them, shackles them, puts them in the dark, and shocks them. Monsters! How long will the cries and screams of these abused special needs children be ignored? Why aren’t these children rescued from those depraved lunatics? Defending the defenseless and not closing eyes to evil is a great teaching of most just societies. Mengele would feel right at home at the Judge Rotenberg Center.

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