Feds Expected To Announce No Social Security COLA Increase in 2016

Today or tomorrow the Federal Government is expected to announce that recipients of Social Security Retirement and Disability Benefits are not expected to receive a cost of living adjustment (also known as COLA Increase) for 2016.  The 2016 COLA Increase is something that we have been following for some time, and for the last six months I have been anticipating that there will not be a 2016 Cost of Living Adjustment.

With the cost of housing and utilities going up this is likely to aggravate many people who are already on fixed incomes.

8 Replies to “Feds Expected To Announce No Social Security COLA Increase in 2016”

  1. Several of my bills have gone up already here just before the end of the year. Also, right before the holidays. Now I have to look forward to NO increase in my SSDI? My supplement insurance will probably go up, too yet no increase. It seems I go more indebt with each passing year.

  2. This is just more of the same, no cola, even though the cost of living is more year over year, I do not care what the index says. My food bill for 2 is up 20%, my rent is up 3.35%, co-pays up 33%. The lower gasoline price driving the no COLA train saves me zero I do not have a car and use the bus for all my transportation. In Jan 2015 we got that big 1.7% COLA. On Jan 3rd I walked into the local Sam’s Club and the price of eggs, bread, milk, coffee, and bacon all had price increases. The Corporations know when we get the COLA each year and adjust the prices up. Nothing but greed in the marketplace. I noticed the same thing for 20 years in the USAF, every year we would get a pay raise and the price of haircuts at the BX would go up. The only way most families maintain the illusion of a middle class standard of living is with debt, loads of debt. This was not so 40 years ago. In 1975 CEOs made 40-50 times what the average worker made, today it is 250 to 350 times more. Record high profits for the corporations, record low wages for most workers when adjusted for inflation.
    Welcome to the new America, low wages and plenty of debt.

  3. What the Hell does the price of oil and gas have to do with us getting a Cost of Living Raise. We pay so much a year to Social Security Disability and Medicare plus with Medicare going up , how are we to make it or is that y’all just don’t give a Damn

  4. Have you notice that every year the prices drops on most of the things used in the COLA so called scale? And the next month after they do this scale all the prices go up even higher.

  5. The possibility of not receiving a COLA increase for 2016 is very disturbing to me and many others. Usually the cost of living will allow me to at least receive the same amount of money that I received the previous year; however, last year the COLA was so low until the increase of my health insurance took up all of the increase plus some of what I was receiving prior to the 2015 COLA increase. If we do not receive a COLA increase for 2016, I will have an income less than I had in 2014. The utilities, mortgages, health insurance, car insurance, house insurance, etc. has all increased; therefore, it will really put a strain on elders to pay their bills. I truly hope that there is a drastic change in the decision not to give elders the COLA increase 2016.


    Thank you for any consideration you are able to give this concern.

  6. Im like you and live off soc. sec. dis. but in my case I live off of what I paid in. Even though its not much over ssi. People say alot of things and even though I look pretty normal.people respond and look, and dont think I should be on dis. but they do not know the whole story in our problems.and shouldnt I be able to park in handicap parking,which I have a tag for.

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