Autism, Sensory Issues and Sleep And Curtain Suggestions Requested

I don’t sleep well, never have, and likely never will – however in my new apartment I live next to train tracks with numerous daily Amtrak Trains, and a busy urban roadway and sleep has become more and more of a problem.  To try and get sleep I was taking my recliner into the bathroom that has no windows and shutting the door and sleeping for some time, and after a bunch of unneeded drama with my landlord I was finally given permission to hang blackout curtains in the hope of stopping the sound.

The problem is I can’t make any holes when hanging the curtains.  I was considering using tension rods in my window sill, however my windows are an odd height and I couldn’t find perfectly sized curtains that wouldn’t hang over the edge of the window will and look weird.

So now I’m thinking about getting a Command M Hook and hanging the curtains with a matching curtain rod off that, but I’m unsure if it will support the weight of a heavy curtain.

My doctor raised the possibility of a bed tent, but I quickly dismissed that as I’m a restless sleeper that moves a lot, and I could see the tent getting quickly destroyed.

Anyone have suggestions on hanging a curtain without holes or other ways to get sleep if you have Autism.

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  1. Hi Zachary, I really enjoy your column. I too live in an apartment with restrictions. Had to give away wall hangings cuz they were just stacked up. I’m wondering…you said that the curtains would hang down longer and look awkward? Would it be possible to cut some of that off at the bottom and then either like if you didn’t feel like selling to him then you could get some of that quick and easy iron on hemming tape or perhaps take them to saying alterations person and just instead of pants they would be doing curtains? I don’t know how much you have to cut that it may be even that you could make sort of a valances or something out of the amount that was cut off ? Money would likely be no object what with that large COLA increase we all got 😆! Lol!! No, seriously it’s and honest suggestion.

  2. Getting curtains modified would likely cost more than the curtains themselves. Thanks for the suggestion though Judi!

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