Migraine, Autism and Sensory Madness

Today has been a rough day for me… I woke up early this morning with a migraine and haven’t been to sleep since.  Migraines also aggravate my sensory issues making me even more hyper sensitive to things.I have my apartment well modified to adapt to my sensory needs but on days like today it is often too much.  I can hear my neighbors through the walls, the streets on the road below me, and even conversations outside.

Today I spent time with a roll of duct tape taping off all the little LED lights on my chargers, the Wifi router and even the microwave clock because even that light was too much.

As of right now my migraine is still here, but not as bad as before.  My sensory issues are a bit better that this morning – but still not to the point of where I can comfortably handle the world.

Things That Help Migraine Sensory Issues In Autism

These are some of the things I found that have helped me when my sensory issues get really bad.

  • Blackout Curtains help with both light and sound issues… dark and quiet is best.
  • Getting rid of all fluorescent lighting.  Be careful about switching to LED’s as the cheap ones are just as bad as fluorescent bulbs.
  • Heavy Blankets… they work just like a weighted vest.

What helps you?

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