Frankie MacDonald Interviewed By The Weather Network

The rising star of a weatherman Frankie MacDonald announced this morning he was interviewed by The Weather Network for weather coverage in his hometown of Sydney Nova Scotia.  frankie macdonald headerFrankie MacDonald who has Autism is widely known for his popular YouTube videos discussing weather, and his stance with ignoring the naysayers who troll him because of his popularity.   According to Frankie, his interview should be available later today on the internet and television. Frankie’s passion for weather and keeping people safe show’s the awesome contributions those with Autism can make for society.

17 Replies to “Frankie MacDonald Interviewed By The Weather Network”

  1. You are an inspiration to us all Frankie, keep up the great work, I love your videos keep them comming.

  2. Great job Frankie. I always look for your announcements to see how you and my family and friends are doing back home… Also to see how your weather will impact my job. Always, thank you.. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. if frankie says it believe it,where the heck do our other weatherpersons get there info.they should pay attention 90 percent of our island does.good job frankie I’m willing to bet you have saved a lot of injuries if not death.

  4. I love your weather reports Frankie, they keep us informed and prepared when bad weather comes our way! Thankyou for doing a great job!:)

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