The Presidential Candidates

I’ve been watching the Presidential candidates closely and it reminds me of watching reality television – a bunch of really messed up people fighting each other.  I’m very politically moderate, I’ve voted for both major political parties.  This year I’m actually fearful because I don’t like any of the major candidates.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders scares me.  Socialism scares me.  Free stuff for everyone drives down the quality of said stuff, it doesn’t matter if it’s education, health care or whatnot.  As an example Sanders used to speak about how horrible Denmark’s public healthcare system is. I know someone from Denmark, and he said the public healthcare system is horrible and people are buying private healthcare coverage to get basic healthcare needs met.

As for as Socialism being called Democratic, that’s what the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea calls its socialism.

Donald Trump
Why I don’t like this guy should be obvious.

Hillary Clinton
Clinton is just surrounded in scandals. Benghazi, emails, classified leaks and then there her husband’s activities while he was in the oval office.

I don’t like any of them. I’m pretty damn scared.

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  1. To whom it may concern as far as who I feel should be President I feel only two people should have that honer one
    Hillary Clinton &Bernie Sanders. I say this because they are for what this country is all about . As far Mr t is concerned I don’t think any one who is not a racist would want to vote for that unperson. ms iamalun

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