Bernie Sanders Jokes About Disabilities, Being a Republican is a Mental Illness

At tonight’s democratic debate, Bernie Sanders attacked many of those with mental illness by joking that being a republican is a mental illness.  One of the reasons our country has significant problems with mental health care is the stigma that comes from it.  Our countries leaders and prospective leaders should not be making jokes out of people that struggle with disabilities every day, and nor should these attacks on people with disabilities be used to scare cheap political points.

While Sanders attack was meant for the republicans, he really only insulted the countless millions who are affected by mental health along with their families and loved ones.

Sanders isn’t alone in attacking those with disabilities, if you notice Hillary Clinton was cracking up at his punchline calling Republican’s mentally ill, and Donald Trump has attacked a reporter based on his disability.

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  1. The disability community has largely been ignored during this election. None of the candidates is addressing in detail areas of concern to the disabled community.

    First we have Donald Trump (won’t discuss personal feelings about him as a person) mocking people with disabilities & now we have Bernie Sanders make an off hand comment that insults even more people with disabilities.

    Do any of these candidates realize that people with disabilities vote too? People with disabilities are an untapped potential in this campaign. If any of the candidates addressed issues of concern to the disabled community and showed respect & compassion for them they would gain a lot of supporters.

    Being ignored by the candidates is bad enough but being mocked & insulted by them is even worse.

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