Person Openly Carrying in Kalamazoo Special Education School has Scary Criminal Past

Local News media in Kalamazoo, MI has run a story about a father who is a concealed weapons permit holder that has been openly carrying while attending classes at a special education school.  What the local news media has not been able to run down is this person’s criminal history.We have been able to confirm that the father who is openly carrying is Michael Allen Warren of Kalamazoo Township.  We have been able to confirm that Michael Warren was convicted of Attempted Resisting, Obstructing or Assaulting an Officer in March of 2015.

Michael Warren of Kalamazoo
Michael Warren of Kalamazoo has been openly carrying his firearm in a special education school

In Michigan an unintended loophole allows those with a concealed weapons permit to openly carry firearms in Michigan’s Public Schools.  Legislation to close this loophole is now stalled in the state legislature.  What bothered me is Michigan also allows those convicted of attempting to resist, obstruct or assault a police officer to have a concealed weapons permit.  The school has taken security measures to keep the students safe including having armed police officers escort Mr Warren as he openly carries and locking down the school limiting the movement of students.

Michael Warren Kalamazoo Court Records
Court Records Indicate that Michael Warren of Kalamazoo has recently been convicted of Attempted Resisting Obstructing or Assaulting an Officer

Michael Warren is not stranger to gun controversy in the Kalamazoo Area.  On June 2014 Warren was carrying a weapon openly at a public library in Kalamazoo when police were called. Warren left at the urging of his wife before police arrived in that incident.  After the attention that he got in that incident, and the attention that he got in this incident it is very clear that this person is just doing it for attention.  What makes this even more scary is the fact that Micheal Warren was convicted in the 8th District Court of Kalamazoo, MI of Attempted Resisting, Obstructing or Assaulting a Police Officer.  How does the Michigan give someone who has ‘attempted’ this crime to get a concealed weapons permit, and then be allowed to have his gun in a special education school?  This really upsets me!

As a former student of a program that is at KRESA’s West Campus where this program is being held I know I would be extremely anxious if I knew that someone was carrying a gun in my school when I was there for school, so I understand why parents and children are upset at this.

“Thanks for the information and we will look into it! In regards to your question from a personal perspective I don’t agree with allowing open carry in schools as it creates an unnecessary distraction to the learning environment.” ~ Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley

I have contacted State Rep Jon Hoadley of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting, and Kalamazoo RESA Superintendent David Campbell for comment but there has been no response as of publishing time.

2 Replies to “Person Openly Carrying in Kalamazoo Special Education School has Scary Criminal Past”

  1. More B. S. anti-gun crap. Until you know the details of the charges it just does not matter. “attempting to resist, obstruct or assault a police officer” can be charged jut because you told the officer something he did not like. I am so tired of this police state we live in that can charge you with disagreeing with how a police officer is doing his job. I have seen it too many times a concerned citizen asks the officer to chill and ends up in the back of a police car.
    Why are so many people afraid of guns, mass shootings are down in the U.S.

  2. The problem is, as you are finding out, is that we have made an IDOL of the Second Amendment and woe betide anyone who criticizes the need to worship said IDOL. The Second Amendment is Sacred Scripture, infallible and inspired. There is no need to reinterpret it for our times because its meaning is clear for all times. There shall be no restrictions on guns period and how dare anyone suggest otherwise.

    Well, the problem with IDOLS is that they demand sacrifices and this particular one shows no sign of its thirst for human blood being abated anytime soon. See how fervently its worshipers defend it. See how fervently its worshipers put down anyone who is not a true believer.

    I submit that the true defenders of freedom in our country are not the members of the armed forces but people like the ones who were recently gunned down in Kalamazoo (but of course that is irrelevant too). They have given THEIR lives, albeit unwillingly, in the service of this IDOL. We should be honoring them and thanking them for allowing the rest of us to be free. Because, as they say, freedom isn’t free.

    That said, I totally agree with you that a gun has NO PLACE whatsoever at a school like KRESA’s West Campus at least not until these students are carefully indoctrinated in the IDOL worship we call the Second Amendment. We need to carefully instruct the little ones that people like Mr. Warren are defending their precious liberties and to not be alarmed but to actually thank him.

    And now let the bricks fly . . .

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