Clinton Takes Stand Against Sheltered Workshops

Hillary Clinton on Monday took a stand against sheltered workshops that employ people with disabilities for pennies an hour saying the practice would end under her presidency.  In a question and answer session on Monday Clinton, who is running for president on the 2016 Democratic Ticket.  No other canidate has taken a position on sheltered workshops.

“When it comes to jobs, we’ve got to figure out how we get the minimum wage up and include people with disabilities in the minimum wage.” ~Hillary Clinton


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  1. I disagree. As a person with a disability and someone who has worked with people with disabilities, the only place I have seen sheltered workshops in place are places where people will never be able to compete in the workforce under any circumstances. In the particular place I was working, this encompassed people with IQs of less than 70. The sheltered workshop gives them the ability to work and earn money, which they would not have had otherwise. Earning money increased their independence, gave them money to spend and some money handling skills. Without the sheltered workshop, they will not get to enjoy any of these things because they are not capable of working on a level they would need to be able to work in order to make minimum wage. So for some people, it is not a matter of being included in the minimum wage, it is a matter of are they going to be able to earn any money at all. Also, the places I have worked did not make money off the workers. It cost money to be able to maintain the sheltered workshop. It is totally possible there are other situations I don’t know about, but sheltered workshops are not necessarily a bad thing.

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