Parent Charged with Eavesdropping After Recording Caregiver Abusing Child

A Russel County Kentucky mother is in trouble with the law after secretly recording a care provider abusing her 4th grade special education daughter.  Police have charged the mother with multiple counts of felony eavesdropping after the mother placed a voice activated recording device in her daughters backpack after she had suspicions he daughter was being abused.

According to local news the mother’s suspicious were confirmed, however the police arrested the mother on felony eavesdropping.  In Kentucky at least one party of the conversation must consent to the eavesdropping for it not to be criminal.  The mother asserts that her child consented. “After all these signs of distress I sat my daughter down and asked her if people were being mean to her and if she wanted mommy to listen in her backpack and make it stop. She said yes. I did not eavesdrop. My child knew I was listening and I had every right” she told local news media.

The recording device allegedly recorded her daughter being verbally abused.  The mother, Bobbi Carmicle turned herself into authorities on Monday and is currently free on bond.


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  1. I have a follow up to the story you wrote regarding my situation and would love to speak with you about it.

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