Trolling People with Disabilities

I don’t care if people troll online, when they put their identity behind it.  However when people create sock puppet accounts and just spew crap frankly its just stupid.  I had a troll recently attack me saying, I “live off disability checks playing video games, smoking cigars, and sitting in the hot tub at a nice gym.”  Yes I have a disability, hell I’m pretty damn open about it seeing as I own a blog talking about it, and have done very public advocacy testifying in front of Michigan Senate and House Committees on issues related to disabilities while identifying I have a disability.

So yes, I live off disability checks.  I’ve tried to work in a normal work environment and it doesn’t go well.  I actually hate living off disability checks, there is nothing more to hurt your self value like getting a direct deposit every month from the Social Security Administration.  I’m actually working on starting my own business and hoping to soon be off the disability system.  Thanks for asking 🙂

I also do go to the gym, because my doctors tell me I need to go to the gym.  I’m overweight, I also have cholesterol that is a bit higher than normal.  On top of my Autism I have depression that has not been responsive to medications.  So my physical and mental health doctors have encouraged me to go to the gym.  Yes the gym I go to is nicer than the YMCA and I pay a few more dollars, but its also within a half mile of where I live which helps me get there more often, plus they gave me a really generous deal so I don’t pay anything near full price.

a picture of a cigar I smoked with an ashtray just for the troll
A picture of a cigar I smoked with an ashtray just for the troll.

I also do sometimes smoke cigars on occasion.  That is not likely the best thing for me, but I am okay with it right now.  But to the anonymous troll who created an account just to belittle me – thanks for your concerns about my health.  I greatly appreciate your deep concern about my health, but I assure you my care providers are also monitoring it and encouraging me to go the gym as well, unlike you who apparently just wants me to eat Cheetos all day.


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  1. If you are on Medicare, you should check into getting a medical plan which includes silver sneakers. I have silver sneakers and a wide variety of gyms I can go to for free. I personally like the Y, and that is where I go most often, but there are at least 30 gyms around here I can go to for free.

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