Moving Pains and Autism

Moving is a pain… I don’t like change that much, I don’t like dealing with the unexpected.  Moving is a ton of change, mixed with a ton of unexpected surprises that you don’t expect.  I’m moving shortly to a new building that is being built.  I wrongly assumed July 1st when they said the building would be ready in July, it seems we are now looking at July 10th.  So I have to find a temporary storage unit, a place to stay and all that. That’s just the first surprise.

My current apartment is furnished, my new apartment is not.  So I’m trying to come up with price saving ideas right now, getting a larger desk to work as both a desk and a TV stand.  I’m also considering a futon instead of a bed but I’m not sure if I will be able to settle for that idea.

moving boxes

On top of that I have to get moving boxes, a rental car to move, as well as all the other unexpected things that you normally forget like shower curtains.

So I’m a bit overwhelmed making this list and then freaking out at the list.  Moving sucks.  That is all.

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