Supreme Court To Hear Case on Michigan Student Who Can’t Bring Service Dog To School

The Supreme Court has decided it will hear the case of an 11 year old child who has been barred from bringing her service animal to school.  The parents sued under the Federal American’s with Disability Act, however the school won at the district and appeal level by claiming the parents have not yet sought an administrative hearing. The Supreme Court will decide if 11 year old, Ehlena Fry’s family fan sue under the American’s With Disability Act or request an administrative hearing first.

The American Civil Liberties Union whom is representing the Fry’s says the court should rule that students who are not permitted to bring their service dogs should be able to go directly though court without being financially burdened with administrative hearings which can also be time consuming.   The school argues that the administrative hearing offers parents and the school a way to work on the best plan for a child and that the service dog is not necessary.

The Service Dog, Wonder a GoldenDoodle helps open doors and retrieve items.

The Obama Administration’s Justice Department has supported the Fry family through briefs filed in the court system.

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