FOR SALE: Weatherman Frankie MacDonald Bobblehead

Frankie MacDonald the famous Autistic Weatherman from “my own TV Station in Sydney Nova Scotia” has become even more popular, with the production of his own bobblehead doll. Frankie, whose videos on YouTube have reached internet fame and has been staring in TV Commercials, and has been interviewed by several nationwide weather networks. For almost a year now he has been saying the Boobleheads are coming.

frankie macdonald bobblehead for saleWell the Frankie MacDonald Bobblehead is now finally here.  It is currently being sold for $29.99 and is only a limited run edition with only one thousand being produced.  According to the company who makes the Bobbleheads, Bobbleheads Canada the profits will be split between Frankie MacDonald and Autism Canada a non-profit that seeks to help the lives of those with Autism and their families.  As this is a limited run of only one thousand if you want a Bobblehead you should hurry up and get one before they are sold out.

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  1. Hey Frankie I think your awesome And can read the weather better than these so called professionals. If I want to know if there’s going to be a storms I check in to see if your saying anything and how bad it will be and if your not saying anything I know it will be fine and if you are I make sure I’m prepared because I’m disabiled too, I have MS and I don’t walk very well. So Frankie you keep doing what your doing there’s a lot of people that count on you. Thanks your fan Pam

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