Change is Hard, Moving and Autism

This last month has been a difficult one, I’ve moved and the move didn’t go as smoothly as what I was hoping.  The new apartment that I had planned on moving into was not ready in time thus I had to scramble last minute to find a new place.  I ended up finding a place that is better then what I had planned for, and affordable as well.  So its good news.

But the last minute scramble, plus the move is a lot of change and unplanned change at that.  It took a significant drain of energy this month.

I’m trying to set a routine for my new place… but its difficult.  I’ve also been struggling with a sickness over the last few weeks which also makes for increased sensory issues and makes it hard for setting a schedule.

There is no other way to put it, but moving and Autism suck.  A lot.

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