AP Stylebook Pushes Person First Language

The Facebook Page for the AP Stylebook, a guide for journalists on how to write yesterday made a significant push for person first language.  I have for a long time been against the use of person first language being pushed when talking about those with disabilities.  Irregardless, it is good that this discussion is being had, however hopefully this discussion includes those with disabilities and not just journalists that write about disabilities.

Many of those on Twitter further pushed for person first language…

While others agree with me on the stance.


What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. I usually use person first language unless the person with the disability tells me they prefer identity first language. I know people with disabilities who have preferences both ways. Some people feel their disability is just one piece of who they are as a person, others feel it is a large part of who they are as a person. As a person without a disability, I do not think I have the right to determine if a person’s disability is one of the primary features by which they choose to identify. However, once someone tells me which language they prefer, I try very hard to remember and use that language consistently.

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