Trump Presidency and Social Security

So Donald J. Trump has is now the President Elect of the United States and many with disabilities are left wondering what does a Donald J Trump presidency mean for those with disabilities and their Social Security Benefits.

Trump’s Social Security Campaign Promise

Trump has promised many times to leave Medicare and Social Security alone.  His Campaign told CNN in August, “We will not cut Medicare or Social Security benefits, but protect them both” and during the GOP debates he said he would “do everything within my power not to touch Social Security, to leave it the way it is”

Trump’s Social Security Transition Team

However Trump’s transition team for Social Security signals that privatization of Social Security may become an initiative under the Trump Administration.  Trump has allegedly selected Mike Korbey and Dorcas Hardy to run the Social Security Trump Transition Team.

Mike Korbey in the 1990s on CSPAN
Mike Korbey in the 1990s on CSPAN

Mike Korbey is a former senior advisor in the Social Security Administration under President George W. Bush and before being hired into the Bush Administration he worked for the United Seniors Association that pushed for privatization of the Social Security Administration.  He was also the subject of a short Government Accountability Office investigation into using government funds to advocate for the privatization of the Social Security Administration under the George W. Bush administration but was cleared.

dorcas hardy
Dorcas Hardy

Dorcas Hardy was a Commissioner of the Social Security Administration during the Reagan Administration that has a history of calling for the privatization of Social Security.  In a 1995 Press Conference that called for the privatization of Social Security she joined the Cato Institute to push for the privatization of the Social Security Administration.  Pushing for privatization in 1995 she said the United States must “develop a system that prevents intergenerational warfare” and followed it up saying “We’ve got a problem in this country and it’s not too early to begin talking about it.”

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence on Social Security

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence
Vice President-Elect Mike Pence

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence is however the most concerning signal when it comes to privatization of Social Security.  During his time in Congress Pence pushed for the reduction of Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments and privatization of the Social Security System.

So while the Trump Campaign has promised one thing, its starting to signal another with its choice.  It is important to note that the Trump administration can’t unilaterally change the Social Security Administration, it requires legislation with congress.  While the Trump Administration has both a Republican controlled house and senate it is unknown if they will support touching the third rail of politics, the Social Security system.

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  1. Social Security needs to be funded with tax dollars and guaranteed by the government, something you can never do if the system is privatized. The SS tax rate has not been raised since 1990. But benefits have continued to climb. The SS tax rate needs to be raised the same percentage as the COLA each year. Until the tax rate for employee and employer reach 10% For 2015 the SS tax rate would of gone from 6.2 to 6.3 percent. this process would take 10 to 15 years or more depending on the inflation rate.

  2. Addiitonaly, Paul Ryan has already announced plans to privatize Medicare. All we can do is pray to survive the next 4 years.

  3. I worked for most of my life. I had to go on social
    security disability a couple of years ago, I would like to still be
    working but I am physically not able to work because of health
    issues. if I would lose my social security disability and my medicare
    benefits I would have no income and no health insurance. I live on my own and I hope I can continue to do so. but I will lose my place
    to live and have no funds to live any where and no medicine. I am
    not alone in being very afraid for my future and others futures if trump takes away our disability. whats going to happen to all of us.

  4. I have been watching politics in the USA for over 40 years and I keep hearing this doom and gloom every time a Republican is elected President or a Democrat is elected. It is not going to happen. I am 60 now and remember in my 20″s everyone was talking about how Social Security would not be around when we got old. Guess what it is still here. No one President has as much power as people want to give them. Things are going to remain almost the same, even with TRUMP as President. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  5. I am a disabled American. Among other thongs, I am on the Autism Spectrum. I am terrified that Trump is going to steal my SSDI that I applied for legitimately and was approved.
    I think these jerks hate people like me, and that is horrendous.
    I will sign every petition I see.

  6. I worked and payed my taxes and S.S., medicare since I was 17. Most of the time working 2 or more jobs. I was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer in 2007. My condition and a lifetime’s worth of work credits earned in 20 years allowed me to receive SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid. I have outlived my prognosis by many years. I will never be able to drive again because of seizures, vision problems and cognitive decline from 3 brain surgeries, brain radiation and 2 years of chemotherapy. I currently have another malignant tumor growing behind my right eye. Trump terrifies me more than brain cancer. I don’t even dare to dream that I may be cured someday. I just dream that I will be able to die in a bed with some pain medication as my brain is eaten away by cancer. I am supposed to see my oncologist in January, 2017 about possible treatments for this new tumor. I don’t plan on starting any treatment because when this new administration destroys Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, I won’t be able to pay for any treatment anyway. I guess 47 years is a long enough life anyway. I am scared for this country and the damage this man can do in 4 years. I feel lucky because I will be gone, but my daughter and nieces and nephews will have to live through this upcoming mess. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by how it treats its weakest member.” Ghandi. That statement used to mean something in the U.S.A. Sadly, I know many others in the same situation. I guess the new standard is “I am a billionaire and don’t pay taxes because I am smart” and when my businesses fail I just file bankrupcy. Sorry there is no bailout bankruptcy for this nation. Its not a game.

  7. Cry me a river. President Trump has already said SS should not be changed for people over 55. The Rs do not have the 60 votes needed to change SS, so they will have to get Ds on board, very hard to do. I do not believe any changes will affect any current people receiving benefits. All changes to SS that are currently being considered are for people under age 55 and will start in 2023 thru 2045 I am not sure any of the changes will be passed anyway.
    I am so sick of the doom and gloom stories from both R and D camps every time they lose an election.

  8. I’m sorry to hear of your condition and hope you change your mind on treatment because Trump is not the nightmare you envision. In fact he’s repeatedly pledged to save it:

    “I’m going to save Social Security. You have tremendous waste, fraud and abuse. We have in Social Security thousands of people over 106 years old. You know they don’t exist. There’s tremendous waste, fraud and abuse, and we’re going to get it. But we’re not going to hurt the people who have been paying into Social Security their whole life and then all of a sudden they’re supposed to get less. We’re bringing jobs back.” (13 February 2016)

    To your other points, sure he has avoided paying taxes, but that is because of the tax code and many businesses don’t either, same with bankruptcy laws.

    If you want to see how Donald Trump feels about people with disabilities, prior to the election, there’s an episode of Celebrity Apprentice from 2014 I believe, where he raised millions for various causes.

  9. I have not heard one concrete plan for anything he has promised. I have never watched Celebrity Apprentice and never will. This is real life, not a reality tv show.

  10. “sure he has avoided paying taxes, but that is because of the tax codes”, so he is forced to not pay his fair share because of the tax codes and uses the money he borrows from banks to pay lawyers to file lawsuits against his contractors and vendors so he doesn’t pay them. And who drives a casino into bankrupcy. Only a completely incompetent businessman.
    So by your logic if you can get away with it, its Ok. So why shouldn’t everybody try to get on disability if they can get away with it or spend all they can on credit cards then just file bankrupcy. Personally, I hate having to be on SSDI, but I am dying and need it. A president should have the highest ethical standards. and needs to remember that he works for the American people, not the other way around. Are you disabled or have a terminal illness, Eric? Why are you on this site?

  11. Matt, you should of told President Obama, A president should have the highest ethical standards. and needs to remember that he works for the American people, not the other way around. Because BHO sure plays a lot of golf and has done nothing for the average American in the last 8 years. He asked for thousands more for himself in retirement, but did nothing when we got a .3 % COLA.
    The guy in the White House can always ask Congress to increase the COLA, if it is too low.

  12. What is idiotic Matt – We should always hold our government officials to the highest standard. Both Republican and Democrat.
    At least that is what I learned serving our country in the USAF from 1975 to 1995.

  13. You people have been listening to the wrong news stations and have no idea what Trump is about. Trump is a very caring person and will do nothing to hurt you, I feel bad because you obviously have been listening to people that are trying to scare you for their own benefit – your vote. Relax, he will not take away anything that you need, he loves all Americans and will uplift us all, even us that need SSDI to survive.

  14. Trump will destroy our country,im ashamed that so many americans allowed to be conned by him.he has no idea what he is doing.everyone has the right to their beliefs and opinions but lets see this time next year if you still stand by HUMP if he lasts that long.dina you need to wake up…

  15. You are way out in left field on this one. Where we conned by President Obama? Where is the hope and change he promised?
    He were not conned by President Obama or by President Trump.
    No one person has as much power as you want to give the President. We have 3 branches of government with checks and balances that is the reason the President has to work with Congress to make changes and even then it can be overturned by the Supreme Court.

  16. The disability payouts for kids with mild disabilities is out of control. So many inner city unemployed parents bullying schools to classify their children so that they can collect a check. This is not urban legend. It’s real. The average check is $700. Unless a child has severe needs there is no reason for this payout as the school picks up the cost of expenses.

  17. Cry me a river, really Jeffery? By the way, the senate only needs 51 votes to repeal the ACA. 60 votes are needed to overcome a Democratic filibuster, but they have already taken care of that by passing a budget resolution bill so they can repeal the A.C.A. under the guise of the budget reconciliation clause which prevents a filibuster and only requires a simple majority vote to pass.

  18. Good thing the ACA will go away. I have family and friends who are paying penalties because they do not get a subsidy, but cannot afford $900 per month for insurance. We need smart healthcare policies that help all our citizens. The ACA does not.

  19. First of all President Obama tried to do a lot of thing’s that he said he would do and if you go to the Web site and look up all the thing’s President Obama did in his 8 yrs he was in there you would be amazed everytime he tried to do Congress would shut him down.This man took alot of mess because he was a Black Man yes I said it let’s just be honest. Obama is a good man and cared about the American people he was the best President we ever had. Now this man Trump is evil and for those people who are under his spell you will see. He is only out for the rich and don’t care about people who live pay check to pay check and he surely don’t care about people that are disable. I do hope he doesn’t take away SSDI and I don’t think if he tried to he couldn’t do it. And Matt I am so sorry to hear about your illness but God still have you hear for a reason and it’s up to him you could be here another 30 yrs or more. I will pray for you. Some people I don’t understand this brain wash Trump has on them but they better open there eyes because it’s going to be a tough four years. We all need to pray that it goes by quickly and he doesn’t mess us up to bad that the next President has to come in and clean it up. God bless

  20. To Steve B have you ever taken care of a child with a disability if not you need to not speak on that as far as the people who live in the inner city do you think they want to live like that sometimes people just need a little help, and getting a check for 700.
    00 dollars they depend on that money every month. BUT for some people who can work should get a job. It’s hard out there I can say this because I was there back in the early 80s I finally went to Cosmetology School and opened my own business and have been in business for 29 yrs.

  21. Trump is terrifying, and he doesn’t care about anyone but his fellow rich white people. We have learned time and time again throughout his campaign and even in his short time as POTUS so far that he has no intentions of keeping any promises, except when it comes to hoarding money and hurting people. I am hoping and praying that he will either leave SSDI and other Social Security programs alone entirely, or even better, strengthen them, ~without~ cutting them from people who are already receiving them, but at this point what he will do is anyone’s guess. He is so corrupt and persuadable that, if he takes the advice of Mulvaney on entitlement programs, they will be slashed and cut to smithereens. People with disabilities and serious health problems do not matter to people who don’t have them or know someone with them. If they do cut them.. I don’t know what we’ll all do.

  22. The people freaking out here need to actually do some research about what Trump wants to do, for example, the following:

    Trump criticized high drug prices during the campaign, backing allowing individuals to import them from other countries if they were cheaper.

    He also said in New Hampshire that Medicare could save $300 billion a year on prescription drugs if it negotiated prices.

    “We don’t do it,” he said. “Why? Because of the drug companies.”

  23. They want to take SS and medicare benefits..the country needs to unite and stop paying taxes. Easy to do change dependants on w2 form

  24. Frances??? What is changing the W2 going to do??? You are still going to owe taxes on income above $20,000 for a married couple with no children.
    For a single person anything after $10,350 and you start owing the government money. Taxes are what keeps benefit checks coming, not paying them is a crazy idea. If you do not have enough withheld, there is a penalty that the IRS can charge you. A better idea is contact your Congressman and Senators and voice your concerns about any changes to SS or Medicare.

  25. First, I want to say that anyone with the education level and business experience that Von Clownstick has, should know more words than, “tremendous, very, very, great, and excellent.” I do hope he does a good job, but honestly… If you REALLY listen to what he’s been saying, “I love uneducated America,” and how he continuously speaks as if he’s never seen a thesaurus… He’s speaking on a “dumb it down” level with pure evil behind every word. People are so arrogant that they don’t believe he’s speaking about THEM! He’s a smart man, and knows how to manipulate who he needs to use them as a weapon. (The psycho’s, the hard working people tired of working and getting nowhere, and the wealthy) Tired people can turn into psycho’s, join radical militias, anything that they feel is going to be worth fighting for. (Any of you that became disabled out of nowhere, you know how crazy you feel while waiting for the government, loosing family and friends around you bc you don’t want to bring them down emotionally. Depending on your circumstances, you know we can all be made coocoo).
    Anyway, He blames immigrants, past leader’s, journalist, then hires people to make sure America stays where he wants us…Dumb, blind, and ready to fight anyone.. He’s a finger pointer, anything to get us upset…War is money, disturbance is money, and that is what he cares about. He is a “survival of the fittest” type…. Meaning, disabled people have no meaning/value to him. They don’t with most dictators.

    OK, I’ll save that rant for the therapy I’m sure I’ll need later. Lol!
    He did say he’d leave the programs alone, but now wants to privatize Medicare. I, unfortunately, moved to Mississippi last year after finally being awarded SSDI. They have no ACA in place to cover costs after Medicare’s portion. It was almost a year before I got close to the right doctors for my disease. If I had something life threatening, I would have died. It takes me 6-9 months for every appointment. Here, a single parent with 4 kids that is out of work, the most they would get in food stamps is $247 a month… For 5 people! So… I see, and experience daily what life is like when you have worked for years and are slapped in the face when you need help the most. When you are too sick to be able to to get up and find help, or figure out something… Anything. In Nashville, I had help. Being here, the place I came to live with my sister so my son could have a normal teenage life while I adjusted to my new “fabulous” life as a young, unable to work dystonic, only to find more obstacles than I could imagine… It’s scary.
    Like I said, all I can personally do, is wait and see. Sign every petition, voice every concern. Knowing that we are NOT being heard.
    Did you know that every person that protests is put on a list, and the organizers are labeled as HOMELAND TERRORIST?!
    We have to keep going. Maybe nothing will change, maybe it will. We have to stay updated. And keep trying to be seen and heard. We can’t attack each other! If you are a Von Clownstick supporter, or not…We have other ways of being heard.

    My phone gets hacked every time I sign a petition, anyone else?

    (Sorry, just went on a rambling tangent that I TRIED to control. Hopefully some of it makes sense.)

  26. I am scared because of my breast cancer coming back late last year & need medicaid for my treatments and if I lose my SSDI & medicaid I will die because I won’t be able to pay for my medications to keep me alive…well at 42 Years old I guess that’s living long enough right?

  27. First off the SSA death benefit can be raised, if an American Citizen should die before the first day of SSA retirement. Let say 52-62, the government should release a one year equivalent payment of one year of their social security award. (and with a clause / form added to Mortuary’s can be beneficiaries of direct payment as long as the form states Burial prep cremation or dirt burial. That way it eliminates greedy family strikes, if ones family is in the ocean of poverty. Thanks to illegal allies raising the average studio to one bedroom apts past a thousand dollars a month rental. Social Security payments should be adjusted to the cost of living in retiree’s living area of this country. Or just past National wide rent control laws over all studio and one bedroom apts ( the work force shelter) . face it no one is going to to do jack dung for Social Security, and the homeless population will sky rocket more and more each year. With law enforcement feeding their sadistic need to harass , and abuse their power in the most phony, bannner slogans in this country, ” in the name of health, safety, and welfare”. The RE-Birth of the Hoover Township establishments are visible in each state. Governors pull the blind eye or sanction violent sweeps of such areas. Social Security disperses the weakest amount of funds, forcing Social Security and disabled to either be a burden on other family members or move out of state , on to find out , the mass wave of illegals has jacked rental prices their also. The Grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, just another A-hole waving the flag of another nation . Who is also on Social Security in our country. As for other BS, every American , will get a 3 dollar hike on their payments, woop de doooo…… This program needs all types of fixen. But once again, the old “lets just leave it alone” policy seems to follow after each elected president.

  28. Just remember that, God has the 1st and last Say So. If Our President is working for God or The Devil., The greatest gift for A child is Life & Protection. Trump’s main Focus is Protecting Our Country, and Keeping it safe. After that, He can focus more on Our personal issues, Remember !!! We are in ” debt” . We all should come to Qne Agreement and Pray to the most highest which cometh our strength,,, Instead of Passing Judgement , Ridiculing or criticizing him,,,, Let see if he will be A blessing Or Curse for us. Hoping God would direct his path and Make wise decisions for all. The bible will be fulfilled . It doesnt matter whom Our Leader Or President.

  29. I will forever be grateful for Obamas ACA, I would never have been able to find an insurance plan to cover me with preexisting conditions or been able to afford one, I borrowed off credit cards as long as I could to maintain my unaffordable Cobra benefits, before picking up coverage under the ACA, my coverage under ACA was better then the coverage I had working at a hospital as a Registered Nurse, go figure!!! Obama on the golf course? Really? Check out George Bush golf on 9/11, and by the way what does Obama golfing have to do with Social Security or Health Care? Better grow a brain J Ratt 1956 !

  30. BHO is just another government elitist who thinks everything is ok as long as other people foot the bill for his bloated government debt he and Congress added to the budget ever year he was in office.
    The American taxpayer will be paying the interest on all this debt forever. Better grow a brain yourself – When this debt bubble pops we are all going to be in a world of hurt, but I guess that is ok with you, Laurie. You should write a public letter thanking all the citizens that paid millions in tax penalties to the government because they did not have health insurance because their income was too high. But they could not afford insurance because they did not qualify for a subsidy. Your condition could of been covered by medicaid expansion absent the unaffordable ACA. If you had Cobra how could your condition be classified preexisting?

  31. I am a head injury victim and survive rom ssdi and hope trump see the value of keeping me alive..pray to god

  32. I would work if I could. I am very lucky to be alive after injury and two month coma and still try to contribute good to society thru music. I cannot lift heavy and post traumatic stress a memory loss yet I still try to help. Please dont let me die in streets. Ssdi is my only lifeline now at 44 yrs old. I dont want to die yet I finally found true love. Thankyou. Hope you understand.god bless

  33. I’m just wondering if we are going to get the raises like he promised and to give us all that lift in the social security like we want and hope for trump to keep his promise we are all struggling as it is.

  34. F…. trump and the idiots who follow him. No government experience and starting ww3. Obama had all them yang yangs in check. They didn’t pull this bull crap with him..

  35. I’m on SSI because I got I’ll and couldn’t work the last quarter, I was refused disability, and had to get SSI and it took me 5 years, I’m severely arthritic and in a lot of pain! I can’t work and if they took the programs that Trump is trying g to take away, I will not make it! This is wrong! How can we as Americans protest what is happening to us?

  36. I have worked full time since I was 16. I enjoy working and love to work. A couple of years ago I ended up in the hospital due to a serious health condition. Well I was in the hospital for 6 months someone who worked in the hospital apply for Social Security disability for me. I really did not know about this until I had already received the payments. I want people to know that I’m not lazy and never really wanted or asked for Social Security in the first place. I have no idea what would happen to me if I did not keep these benefits. I really hope Trump keeps his promise and protect Social Security because it is a life-or-death situation for me. I heard the Social Security Disability program being referred to as a wasteful program. Is a program that saves lives.

  37. someone posted that DT loves disabled people because he donated money from celebrity apprentice proceeds. That’s like saying I support the the spotted owl because I subscribe to the Nature Channel. Seriously?

    It’s so easy to cut and blame the disabled because willing to work and able to work are two different things. People who earned large salaries and collect SSDI while in remission from cancer (among other debilitating illnesses) should not work at minimum wage when they’ve paid for a certain level of insurance all their lives. Once you suffer a life threatening illness you are not as desirable in the workforce and you’ve got to explain why you haven’t worked in a year or two or three. Let trump make it mandatory for employers to hire the disabled at their previous salaries (if they can still do the work) and you’ll see millions go back to work.

    Anything else is like Geico taking all your premiums for years and then when your car gets totaled they give you change for the bus.

  38. will jails still feed people if so thats the only option or will this be mass muder? and remember that the poor didn’t put the USA in 7 trillon in deat the rich did

  39. I’m on ssd because I have disabilities I really need it I am trying to find a job but it is very hard to

  40. I happen to think Trump is trying to turn America into Trump nation because he is so up sensed with himself , I mean Trump Tower? Really? He doesn’t care who he hurts or kills, as long as he is happy everyone else doesn’t matter. He threatened to kill entire families of isis. So my best friends daughter age 19 joined isis nearly year and half ago and her mother, my friend is sad as a mother and disturbed byou it, but trump wants to kill her? She’s pregnant but he wants to kill her because a decision that was made behind her back. He has no heart, no since of respect for the constitution, Trump is truly, a modern day lying, backstabbing, using, manipulative, cold hearted, evil, maniacal, crazy, insane, stupid person who is doing far more harm then any previous president. He will be one of those guys who swears he doing right only to stand back when nukes fly that he caused and say “Oh my god, what have I done” that will be who he is, he will destroy us all. Americans were so hungry for positive change that they bit the price of positive looking mean they say and now their finding out how rotten and poisoned it is.

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