Torture of Chicago Man With Mental Health Challenges Is A Hate Crime

The reprehensible and deplorable actions where 4 individuals kidnapped, restrained, tortured an individual with mental health challenges and streamed the torture on Facebook live is absolutely a hate crime.  Any time a group of people take advantage of a person with disabilities to torture them it is absolutely a hate crime. I’ve been rather silent on the incident because it disturbed me to hear information about this because I felt like just like any other situation where disabled people are assaulted, beat or murdered the prosecution doesn’t properly treat it like deplorable hate crime it is.

I am thankful the Chicago Police Department and Cook County State’s Attorney Office viewed this as the hate crime it clearly is.  I hope that this sends a message throughout our country that open season on torturing, assaulting and murdering people with disabilities.

2 Replies to “Torture of Chicago Man With Mental Health Challenges Is A Hate Crime”

  1. This was one of the most depraved series of acts I have ever seen, the people that committed these horrendous acts are absolutely evil, lacking any human decency and must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, in fact throw away the key and let them rot in prison!

    The video brought me to tears but provides absolute proof that this young man suffered unconscionable abuse at the hands of these savages.

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