How The Affordable Care Act Has Complicated My Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) has made my healthcare more difficult, but I really don’t think it should be repealed.  I do however think there is significant room for improvement and instead of making this into a partisan fight like both major political parties have our elected officials should come together and improve healthcare.

I know people that were able to get health insurance that were never able to get insurance before.  Some of these people were unable to for economic reasons, others had pre existing health conditions that made health insurance impossible.  I know others that were able to get cancer treatments that saved their lives.  I also know about my healthcare.  The Affordable Care Act has made my healthcare more complicated.

  • Instead of having my doctors and care providers authorize treatments I need, some bean counter who has no medical training or has even met me decides what help I get.
  • Before the Affordable Care Act finding a therapist was easy, now many therapists don’t take my insurance.
  • Before the Affordable Care Act I had no copays, now my copays can be north of $100 or more.

However the Affordable Care Act being repealed, without an adequate replacement in place is as ignorant as those who say the Affordable Care Act has been the solution to all our healthcare needs.  The political parties must work together to improve the healthcare system we have.

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  1. Until the USA goes to a single payer system we will not have everyone covered. I know a lot of people do not like single payer but it is the only way we can have a system that is fair, or as fair as you could make any system. Until everyone has access to all treatments, no mater income or status. Co-pays could be based on income and employers could just pay a medicare for all tax instead of providing health care insurance. Then each taxpayer could deduct any medical expense from their income on state and federal tax forms. Medicare for all citizens is the only fair thing to do

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