The Sensory Hell of Progress

I have Autism, with that comes sensory issues and for the last month the home next to me has been being repaired, which has caused hell for my senses.  The home is maybe 20 feet from where I sleep, and there doing demolition on it.  So every day for the last month my walls have shook with the sounds of ceilings and walls being taken down.  My walls have shook to the point that pictures have come of the walls.  On the days I have more sensitive sensory issues it has been hell, and on a normal day it has been difficult.

This is kind of why I really want to own my own home.  No neighbors on the other side of a wall, or a home 20 feet away that shakes my home.  I can really have a sensory safe place that I have tried to create with blackout curtains, soft LED lighting and other tricks.  But I’m stuck with apartment living.

But at least this is progress, the home next to me used to be abandoned.  People would break in all the time.  Now that the home is being worked on hopefully people will live there and I won’t have to worry about the abandoned home next door that I share a driveway with, and who might be hiding inside.

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