People Handle Fear Differently

Right now I think many in our country are afraid.  In the disability community the changes to healthcare are very unknown and we could stand to loose a lot.  I personally am afraid.  I’m also afraid for my friends of various other communities that may lose things they have fought for.

I however am not taking to the streets.  I’ve been relatively silent.  I haven’t been silent out of lack of fear or that I believe what may happen is right.  I’ve been silent because I handle fear differently.  I write, I watch marathons of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and The West Wing.

Me (left) the mayor of Kalamazoo Bobby Hopewell leaning on me and other community leaders pose for a picture that ran on the front page of the local newspaper

I’ve also concentrated my advocacy on local government right now.  I’ve built relationships with my state representative, my city council and city management, and county elected officials.  I feel right now local government is where I can have the biggest impact not only in my daily life, but as a whole.  I don’t have the relationships at the federal level that I used to.  However just because I’m not busy advocating at the federal level doesn’t mean I’m not watching, reading and sitting in my apartment afraid.  I am.

I encourage everyone to know that just because people aren’t out in the streets doesn’t mean they don’t support you or that they are against your cause.  People handle fear differently, and some people just can’t be there with you.

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