The Conflict Between the Women’s March on Washington and Disability Advocates

While There is a conflict between the Women’s March on Washington organizers and disability advocates.  It started when the women’s march started speaking for disability self advocates, and then it brewed over when disability advocates pointed out that aborting children with disabilities just because of the disability is unacceptable and a form of eugenics. There are already prenatal tests for various disabilities and other tests are under development. Women’s march on Washington demand that women be able to have on demand abortions and have pointed out who wants a child thats disabled.  Many disability self advocates have begun to take a stance against the Women’s March movement due to their presumption to speak for the disability community while saying it doesn’t need to exist by aborting it.

While some disability advocates still attended the march many were saddened by statements on the website which stated that disabled people are just a burden and almost seemed to be taking advantage of the disability community to further its cause.

“We recognize that women of color carry the heaviest burden in the global and domestic economic landscape, particularly in the care economy. We further affirm that all care work — caring for the elderly, caring for the chronically ill, caring for children and supporting independence for people with disabilities — is work, and that the burden of care falls disproportionately on the shoulders of women, particularly women of color.”

There were no further statements on disability advocacy until a blogger wrote an explosive piece pointing out how the organizers had pretty much made an effort to not include those with disabilities and even take advantage of them to further their cause.

Access to healthcare is important for everyone, even more for those with disabilities that often experience both an economic disadvantage as well as a higher chance of ongoing health issues. However, unlike the organizers of the women’s march I feel people with disabilities have the right to exist – and so do many other disability self advocates.

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  1. Well, that does not surprise me in the least. We in the pro-life community have been saying these things for decades and have been laughed at for our pains. I’m afraid that you and other disability advocates have run right up against the sacred cow of “choice”, which overrules all other considerations. The problem is, those who are disabled–by the very fact of their being disabled–are at a severe disadvantage when compared to other advocacy groups. They are, in perception and in reality, “a burden”, unlike LGBT people, for example. Although, I have heard it said that if a “gay gene” was ever discovered, the LGBT community would turn pro-life so fast it would make your head spin, because they too would be targeted for extinction in the womb. I am afraid, however, that this is a losing battle and that the right to life for people with disabilities will continue to erode at both ends of the spectrum of life.

  2. This is what you are up against (if you haven’t encountered it already): Are you personally willing to take on the responsibilities of caring for a child/individual with severe disabilities? Are you willing to shoulder the financial burden?

    If the answer to either is no, then you have lost. Because that is the argument that they will fling at you, as it has been with pro-lifers, that unless each and every one of us who are opposed to “reproductive choice” are willing and ready to step in and relieve women of their burdens, then we are hypocrites who insist on burdening others with hardships we ourselves do not wish to bear. And so on and so on, all wrapped in the name of “compassion” toward women and designed to make you the bad guy. Believe me, I know.
    The only argument you have to counter is sanctity of life, and that, I am afraid, went out the window long time ago.

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