Disability Community Must Watch Muslim Immigration Ban Carefully

The disability community must watch the muslim immigration ban carefully and stand up to help our muslim friends as what is targeting them soon may be targeting us. Particularly concerning is the Trump Administrations blatant violation of a court order prohibiting law enforcement from allowing lawyers access to the people who have been detained attempting to access the country and the refusal of law enforcement to even explain the justification for violation of the court order to members of congress.

Courts are often the check and balance that prevent illegal actions by other branches of government from taking place. These illegal actions have a history of often targeting people with disabilities.

The Trump administration is clearly capitalizing on the irrational  fear of some that all muslims are terrorists to attempt an illegal action.  If this is allowed further illegal actions down the road may target us.

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  1. While there is much that troubles me about this ban and the way that it is being implemented, I don’t think that you can equate the disability community with the Muslim community. Unless I am greatly misinformed, the disability community does not have a reputation for terrorism. The Muslim community does, and that is the difference. And until the Muslim community stops denying this and starts facing up to it, its innocent members are going to continue to be unfairly targeted.

    Make no mistake: either the Muslim community deals with its problem or others will deal with it for them–and not always in ways that they like or will be fair. These terrorists are not “lone wolves”. They are organized, they are connected, and people in their community know who they are, just as the Catholic hierarchy knew full well who the pedophile priests were in their midst and did nothing about it. Why isn’t the Muslim community and their friends protesting the violence that is being done in their name by ISIS and others of their ilk as vigorously as they are protesting this action? Oh, much easier to protest at airports–and much safer, too.

    As deplorable as President Trump’s actions are, I think if you check out the human rights record in majority Muslim countries, especially as it relates to people with disabilities, with people of alternate sexual orientations, with women and just in general, I think that you will agree with me that we have a pretty good system going here: namely, we have a system that acknowledges that there is such a thing as human rights and provides redress when they have been violated. This is conspicuously absent from Muslim countries, especially those that follow Sharia law. So I think that we have reason to be concerned about who is entering the country and whether their values are the same as the ones we treasure.

  2. The way I see it, the American Muslim community today is in much the same position as the American Catholic community of the 19th century, and for much the same reasons. If you only look at the Catholic point of view, the prejudice Catholic immigrants encountered was just as irrational as the prejudice Muslims encounter today. BUT–if you take a look at the reasons for this prejudice, you will find another story. The reason why Protestant Americans were not happy to have large numbers of “Papists” coming to our shores is because they feared–and rightly so–that the Catholic Church of that time was no friend to the American democratic system. Even as late as the 1960’s Catholics were offended when a group of Protestant ministers questioned JFK about how his religion would affect the way he functioned as President. Irrational? Not if you look at the HISTORY!!! It would take too long to go into here, but there were very good reasons to be concerned about some of the things that the Catholic leadership from the Pope on down were saying and doing and how the average Joe and Jane Catholic would translate that at the voting booth. As it turned out, the overseas hierarchy did not have as much power as they would have liked over Joe and Jane Catholic, and American Catholicism is a different breed than the European version, to make a long story short. (Full disclosure–I was raised Catholic.)

    Now, when it comes to Muslims, I personally am in the same shoes of my anti-Catholic counterpart of 150+ years ago. I have nothing against individual Muslims, but I am very concerned at some of the things I hear their clerics saying. When I hear about fatwas being issued against this or that person who has offended them, when I hear about people being murdered because they dared to say something critical about Islam or Muhammad–and I hear a resounding silence from the rest of the Islamic world–it makes me reluctant to stand up for Muslim immigration. The only other contemporary religion that I can think of that comes close to being as rough on its critics and dissidents is Scientology. If that is being irrational, then I accept the charge.

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