Weatherman With Autism Frankie MacDonald Celebrates 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

Frankie MacDonald, a Canadian weatherman with Autism who has become a viral hit has just celebrated reaching 100,000 YouTube subscribers.  YouTube sends plaques to content creators that reach 100,000 subscribers and Frankie MacDonald’s arrived in the mail today.


MacDonald has become an internet sensation gathering the attention of country music stars, and has teamed with officials to promote emergency preparedness.  He even has his own bobblehead dolls for sale.

Congratulations Frankie!  Keep up the great work!

6 Replies to “Weatherman With Autism Frankie MacDonald Celebrates 100,000 YouTube Subscribers”

  1. That’s AWESOME Frankie! Congratulations!

    I live in the middle of Alberta, Ponoka to be exact, and we love your forecasts buddy!

  2. Frankie, I live in Wisconsin and I am so grateful that even though you live in Canada, you cover the weather in my area. You even cover different regions of the state which is highly impressive. Your passion and intrinsic knowledge of meteorology shines through. Thanks for keeping us safe and PREPARED! You’re the best! CONGRATULATIONS! Warm wishes for continued success, a sincere fan😊

  3. Go Frankie! 100,000 subscribers! That’s awesome!

    I live in Newfoundland and love your forecasts! Keep up the great work!

  4. Frankie does a great job in reporting the weather.I think he is the best weather person in N.S !

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