Teachers Caught Talking Inappropriately Regarding Special Education Students

Teachers at Bangor Public Schools in Bangor Michigan were caught on camera talking inappropriately about special education students at the Bangor Tavern.  This video may trigger people that were abused either sexually or in the education system.  I will post the full unedited video at the bottom of the post.

First off I want to say I have encountered teachers talking inappropriately about special education students, even myself when it was thought I couldn’t hear them, however it was nothing like this and typically these teachers were not special education teachers.

First lets go to some video from local news channel WOODTV8.  The video is edited to bleep out profanity and much of the content, but you get the gist of what happened.

The response from the School Board and the School Districts Attorney was maddening… its very clear in the unedited video posted below that students were in fact mentioned very clearly.  Teachers complained about paperwork load of one students and spoke sexually about others, and the desire to kill others.  These were these teacher’s students.

And here is WOODTV again speaking with a lawyer about the legal ramifications… I don’t know which grey area she is talking about because if you ask me there are no 50 shades of gray here… its all black and white.   They were wrong, and there is no expectation of privacy in a public place.

The contents of this video are completely inappropriate.  The teachers should be fired and not allowed to work as teachers again.   This conversation is wrong, and now that its public it will hurt the ability of students and parents to educate.  I’m angered that the school board seemed to have known about this for a significant time and only took so little action.  I’m thankful for the person who recorded this video.. they did a wonderful job standing up for students.

Bangor Teachers Inappropriate Talk At Bangor Tavern Full Video

Warning… this video may trigger some people.

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