I’m A Victim of Sexual Assault

I’m the victim of sexual assault.  I’m not talking about this for attention.  I’m talking about this because the shame I feel as a sexual assault victim is tremendous.  The shame of having this dirty hidden scar deep inside of me that eats away at me and I feel has to remain hidden tears me up inside.  I’m posting my story of sexual assault so that I don’t feel that shame anymore. That maybe people will understand why I am so messed up. Continue reading “I’m A Victim of Sexual Assault”

Listening To Conversation With Discriminatory Remarks

A few weeks ago I was sitting with friends and some of their friends talking about things locally, one of my friend’s wife came in talking about about how she got an awesome massage at a new place today.  The conversation came to to what used to be at the location, a spa that got lots of negative attention for some discriminatory behavior directed to an Autistic Child.  Continue reading “Listening To Conversation With Discriminatory Remarks”